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By Pat Smith

Local listings are a crucial element of Internet marketing. Not only can they help customers locate your physical address and contact information, they can boost your search engine rankings. The more traffic sent to your website, the higher probability of generating income for your business.

Submitting websites to local listings directories can be a time-consuming process. There is hundreds of business listing directories and all require submitting information by hand. Even if you copy and paste your company name, address, phone number, fax number, cell phone number, email, and web address, it could take endless hours to complete this task

Local listings can also be submitted to search engines, online business phone directories, data providers and aggregators, and local social listings. The more places you submit to, the better chance of having your business found.

After business listings are submitted, you'll need to follow-up and ensure the information is properly published. Just because you submit the correct information doesn't mean that is what will be published. Employees of local listing companies often must transcribe the information into their system. Human beings make mistakes. If mistakes are found, you'll need to spend time contacting the local listing provider to correct erroneous information.

In addition to submitting business information via local listing directories, you'll need to set aside time to maintain these listings. Keep in mind that many business directories allow customers to post reviews of your product or service. If a disgruntled customer decides to go on a rampage they can crucify your business with the click of their mouse.

People often fail to realize how small the Internet really is. According to the theory of six degrees of separation, all humans are only five people away from knowing everyone in the world. The computer-age could very well reduce this number to fewer people, which in turn means negative public relations regarding your business will travel at the speed of light.

When placing your business on the Web, you must be prepared to incorporate tracking tools to find out what others are saying about you. If comments are defamatory you will need to take action to have negative comments removed.

On the flip side, customers can also leave favorable reviews which can provide enormous benefits to your company. Many business owners encourage customers to leave reviews at social listing directories such as Yelp, City Squares and Insider Pages. While this can be a great strategy for boosting search engine rankings, you will need to invest time contacting customers and asking for favorable reviews.

If reading this makes you tired, just imagine how you'll feel after taking all the required steps to submit and maintain local listings. The good news is, we at Online Marketing DNA can take charge of this task for you.

Our local search advertising program includes submitting to highly-targeted local listing directories and maintaining those listings through the course of our contract with you. We've developed a system that is so easy to maintain once it's in place that a child can manage the tasks.

If you're curious about how local listings marketing can increase traffic to your business website contact us today.

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Published on November 22, 2010

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