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By Pat Smith

An online marketing company can ease workload for entrepreneurs, small business owners and large corporations. These agencies can help with all types of marketing strategies whether in print or digital format.

It is best to work with an online marketing company that is well-versed in both old school marketing and high-tech marketing. In today's marketplace it is crucial to pool from all marketing resources including print media, online advertising, video marketing, mobile marketing, and social media marketing.

Few businesses can fully capitalize on the various marketing strategies unless they employ a dedicated marketing staff. This can be financially prohibitive for mom-and-pop stores or sole proprietors running an Internet business.

Business owners with little marketing experience are often overwhelmed by the numerous online marketing strategies that exist. Many Internet marketers are led to believe that if they build a website visitors will arrive in droves. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Obtaining top ranking search engine listings requires much more than a pretty website. Not only do websites have to be visually appealing, they also must have exceptional content that is SEO-rich. Search engine algorithms change on a regular basis. Those who do not understand the power of SEO often find their website disappears off the radar each time algorithm changes occur.

Websites are used to build brand recognition and provide sufficient information to convince visitors to buy. A basic understanding of human psychology is required to create powerful marketing messages that not only get visitors to invest in your product or service, but also to keep them coming back for more.

In order to drive traffic to the website, companies need to engage in strategies such as article marketing, social media, and online video marketing. Article marketing involves publishing keyword-rich articles at a variety of article directories. Many business owners fail to travel this path due to time constraints. However, it is one of the most cost-effective strategies for driving targeted traffic and boosting search engine rankings.

Social media encompasses a variety of strategies. One of the most popular involves creating Facebook fan pages to interact with customers and share daily marketing messages. Others include sending short messages via Twitter or joining social media groups such as LinkedIn, Ryze, and StumbleUpon.

Online video marketing is quickly moving to the forefront as the preferred advertising medium. Just as with building websites, online videos need to adhere to specific protocol in order to be effective.

It is important to determine your demographic market and how they prefer to view ads. Today, many people are using handheld devices to access the Internet. If marketing videos are too long, too large, or cannot be easily viewed on a mobile phone, you'll lose prospective customers.

Many businesses are entering the arena of mobile marketing to send messages, coupons, and discount codes to opt-in subscribers. Mobile marketing can present challenges to experienced marketers and cause mayhem for those less experienced.

Marketing via mobile phones requires compliance with FTC regulations. It also requires business owners to be discreet in their offerings to prevent interfering with subscribers personal lives. Mobile marketing is a highly personal form of advertising that should never be abused.

If your head is swimming over the wide variety of marketing options, you're not alone. Staying abreast of marketing trends and attempting to implement and track each strategy can be overwhelming. However, you are at the right place to receive exactly the type of help you are looking for.

Online Marketing DNA is a successful online marketing agency that offers highly effective marketing packages for business owners who desire to be at the top of their game. Our services include building dynamic websites to launching viral marketing campaigns.

We encourage you to peruse our offerings then contact us to discuss your needs. Whether you require help with one specific campaign or would like Online Marketing DNA to manage all your marketing needs, we would like to earn your business and become the only online marketing company you will ever need.

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Published on February 01, 2011

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