Podcast Marketing

By Pat Smith

Podcast marketing involves developing audio messages for use as advertising, brand building, and providing information. Audio files are uploaded to websites, blogs, or podcast directories such as iTunes to make information easily accessible to anyone who wants to listen in.

Several podcast marketing strategies can be used. Business owners can use podcasting to create their own Internet radio show. Or, they can share detailed information about their product or service. Podcasts can be used to present interviews with industry experts or company executives.

Regardless of the type of business owned, podcasts provide companies the opportunity to build global brand awareness at minimal costs. In fact, many of the items required to create and distribute podcasts don't cost a dime.

To create audio podcasts, you will need a microphone and audio editing software. Most computers have audio editing software built-in. Microsoft Windows Media offers multichannel audio production, while Mac offers built-in audio video recording programs.

Once podcasts are developed, they must be uploaded and published. Numerous venues are available for distributing audio podcasts. It is best to position podcasts in various locations to maximize distribution efforts.

Most Internet business owners position audio podcasts on the home page of their website or create a dedicated page so visitors can easily access all published podcasts. It is important to remember that visitors can access podcasts from different mediums. Some prefer to use their mobile phone to listen to podcast recordings. Others utilize their desktop computer, laptop, or MP3 player.

People can also access podcasts through podcasting service providers. One great feature of using these services is visitors can subscribe to podcast aggregators or podcatchers, which provides them automatic notification each time you publish new podcasts. This is commonly referred to as "set it and forget it" because there is no need to send out notices to your subscriber list each time you upload a new podcast.

Podcast marketing is an excellent way to build relationships with current and future customers. However, it is crucial to develop content that is worth listening to and worth sharing. Consumers are bombarded by hundreds of marketing messages every day. They have become accustomed to changing the channel or clicking away the moment they lose interest.

Those who aren't comfortable recording podcasts may want to consider hiring an online marketing agency to develop audio podcasts and other marketing materials. These professionals can help guide you through the process or complete the entire project.

It is best to establish podcast marketing goals and determine the type of results you wish to experience from audio marketing. Start by describing your target market and determining how they prefer to obtain information. Are they primarily iTunes subscribers, cell phone users, or do they access information via computers?

The Internet is a good source for learning about the various online marketing strategies that can be implemented with podcasting, as well as learning how to determine your target market and their online activity habits.

Online Marketing DNA specializes in developing podcast marketing strategies, along with all other advertising venues. Whether you require a highly optimized website or are ready to branch out into online video marketing or audio marketing, we are here to help you achieve the success you desire.

Please take time to review our exciting product line and available services, than contact us during regular business hours or via email so we can discuss your podcast marketing needs.

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Published on February 19, 2011

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