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By Pat Smith

Is your Internet business providing the results you expected? If not, do you know what you need to do or are you completely lost? In today's competitive market it can be challenging to know which online marketing strategies will yield the best results and even harder to implement all strategies required.

Operating an Internet business is time-consuming and presents new challenges nearly daily. In addition to writing sales copy, uploading product images and catalogs, and coding the site for search engine optimization, owners must implement ongoing advertising campaigns, all while engaging in effective management practices.

Establishing a solid online presence requires a dedicated team of employees capable of staying abreast of ever-changing trends. Perhaps the biggest challenge of online marketing is that what works today might not work tomorrow. One way to overcome these challenges is to hire an online marketing agency.

Working with advertising agencies can reduce the time required to develop and implement ad campaigns. Few people have the wherewithal to successfully manage multiple ads using a variety of marketing strategies. Online marketing encompasses such a wide range of tools that it is virtually impossible for anyone to be proficient with each.

For example, an Internet business requires a website. Building a professional looking website is a time-consuming task that requires specialized training. Certainly there are templates that can be used, but this type of website offer limited design and coding options.

In order for websites to be located in search engines they must contain meta tags, headers, footers, appropriate navigation, and SEO-optimized content. When companies accept payments via websites they must comply with privacy laws and identity theft issues.

Visitors view websites using any number of browsers. Although it can be nearly impossible for the business site to be properly viewed on all browsers, proper coding can minimize loss of important information. Unless you or your employees have a background in web design, it is best to leave this task to the professionals.

Many companies offer electronic newsletters as a way to provide information on a regular basis. Websites must provide a privacy policy which informs subscribers of how their information is kept private and how it will be used.

Internet business owners must comply with FTC regulations regarding making false claims; disclosing income generated through promotional activities; and adhere to guidelines regarding the type and frequency of ads.

For example, if your company sells health products the FTC prohibits stating those products can cure diseases. Or, if your business offers an affiliate program you cannot claim that those who participate will generate large sums of income.

Anyone operating an online business should become familiar with FTC rules and regulations. Otherwise, they could set their company up for failure.

Working with an online media marketing consultant can help companies avoid engaging in advertising activities that could place their business at risk. These professionals can also help take the guesswork out of what advertising strategies will generate the highest return on investment.

Some of the more popular Internet marketing strategies include podcasting, online videos, and social media marketing. Each of these provides the opportunity to reach an unlimited number of people. However, implementing each requires specialized training in order to fully capitalize on the benefits of each.

At Online Marketing DNA we help Internet business owners harness the power of each available marketing strategy. From developing professional websites to engaging in viral marketing campaigns and implementing mobile marketing to creating social media marketing blueprints, we work closely with clients to ensure they achieve desired results.

Due to the intimate nature of our online marketing program we are limited to the number of business owners we work with at any given time. At present, we only have a few spots available. We invite you to review our products and services. If you like what you see contact us to discuss your marketing goals. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Published on March 09, 2011

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