Online Marketing Strategies

By Pat Smith

Dozens of online marketing strategies are available, but not all are suited for every type of business. Nor, do most business owners have the time and resources to fully capitalize on each. To achieve the best return on investment, business owners should spend time researching the pros and cons and time involved to implement available strategies.

Popular online marketing strategies include developing a company website or blog; publishing electronic newsletters; offering complimentary reports that can easily be shared with others; audio podcasts; online videos; and social media marketing.

Each strategy requires some level of training or hiring employees proficient in Internet marketing. Another option is to work with an online marketing agency that can either assist with individual advertising campaigns or take charge of all marketing needs.

Internet marketing is considerably different than print advertising. Not only is it easier to track results on online ad campaigns, there are several venues that can be used to promote marketing materials.

For example, an Internet business could develop a company website which can be used to present podcasts, online videos, informative reports, and to sell products or services. Websites are also the perfect venue for developing customer lists. This can be accomplished by publishing a weekly newsletter or offering a free report that requires visitors to opt-in by providing their email address.

Companies can also create an interactive blog that provides product information, links to helpful resources, and invites visitors to leave comments and offer suggestions. Blogs are often used to build brand awareness and develop personal relationships while helping to establish bloggers as industry experts.

Podcast marketing can be used to provide detailed information about products and business services. Many Internet marketers use podcasts to broadcast company radio shows and present interviews with corporate executives, employees, or satisfied customers.

Audio podcasts can easily be turned into online marketing videos. This is an affordable way to reuse information in an entirely different format. People often shy away from producing marketing videos because they feel they are too expensive or require hiring a video crew. The truth is marketing videos can be created without the need of a video camera.

Video editing software if often installed on computers. With a few clicks of a mouse, companies can create stunning videos by using clipart, graphics, and still photos. Those who want to take it a step further can enlist the help of a video editing company or hire students attending vocational schools or local colleges.

Online video marketing is one of the most powerful ways to share marketing messages. However, the secret to success is creating high-quality videos that leave viewers feeling satisfied, informed, and eager to share the content with others.

One lesser known, but highly effective online marketing strategy is that of local listings. These listings are necessary for businesses with a physical location. Providing company information to various local listings directories helps customers easily locate your business via search engines.

Incorporating multiple marketing strategies is an effective way to engage in link building online. Link building is an essential element for boosting search engine rankings. By connecting with quality websites that link back to company websites also helps improve page rank.

Google provides a page rank toolbar that can be downloaded to Internet browsers. Although some Internet experts claim page rank has no bearing on search engine placement, others claim that obtaining backlinks does indeed boost rankings.

Since Google does not divulge their ranking secrets this topic remains up for debate. My personal opinion obtaining inbound links from quality websites that are related to your company never hurts.

Developing, implementing, and tracking online marketing strategies can easily become a fulltime job. Unless you can afford to employ a marketing staff, it can be beneficial to enlist help from professionals.

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Published on March 22, 2011

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