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By Pat Smith

Online marketing has taken the world by storm. Those who learn how to master this niche can reap a bounty of rewards. The key to success is to develop a marketing plan that incorporates a variety of marketing strategies and tracking each to determine its return on investment.

Online marketing encompasses a number of strategies that can be challenging to manage in-house. It can be beneficial to work with an online marketing agency. Hiring professionals eliminates the need for investing in training courses and production equipment and reduces the time required to develop high quality advertising campaigns.

When developing marketing plans it is best to conduct market research. It's important to understand what type of ads is best suited for your target market, as well as their viewing habits. Today, many consumers use cell phones for Internet browsing, email retrieval, texting, taking photographs or videos, and sharing links.

Companies that embrace mobile marketing need to become educated about how to produce advertising messages that can easily be viewed on cell phones and handheld devices. They also need to be aware of Federal Trade Commission (FTC) guidelines surrounding the types of ads which can be sent. Otherwise, companies could face costly fines or legal expenses that could potentially bankrupt their business.

Other popular forms on online marketing include podcasting and online videos. These advertising methods are great tools for building brand awareness and developing consumer trust. Podcast marketing involves creating downloadable audio files. Podcasts can be used to create product infomercials, provide insights about the company, present interviews with industry experts, or as an Internet radio show.

Online video marketing involves producing videos that can be shared via video directories, company websites and blogs, and through social media platforms such as Facebook. There are numerous ways to produce videos.

Some companies create advertising videos using programs such as Nero or Microsoft Publisher. Others hire advertising agencies to produce hi-definition videos. The type of video required depends on the viewing habits of the demographic market, as well as available budget.

Video marketing can quickly become expensive when produced in-house. Companies must purchase a high quality video camera and video editing software; pay employees to produce and edit videos; hire actors; and cover costs of uploading videos to various directories and tracking ad campaigns once they go live.

Article marketing is a powerful online marketing strategy that can improve search engine rankings while building brand awareness and consumer trust. Many companies fail to fully embrace this advertising method because it is labor-intensive. A good solution is to hire freelance writers who specialize in SEO and LSI techniques.

Article marketing is perhaps the most effective way to engage in link building online. Websites are ranked at search engines based on a variety of factors. One of the more prevalent factors is the number of quality inbound links. Publishing at high-ranked article directories on a consistent basis can boost company websites to the top 10 and potentially land them in the top position.

While each marketing strategy can yield good results on their own, combining multiple strategies provides the opportunity to dominate your chosen niche. At Online Marketing DNA, we help business owners incorporate these strategies into their current marketing plan.

Our customized packages allow Internet marketers the option of having our skilled staff onboard to assist with online marketing endeavors or taking full charge of advertising campaigns. We invite you to view our offerings, than contact us to discuss your needs. We look forward to helping you achieve the level of success you desire and deserve!

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Published on March 17, 2011

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