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By Pat Smith

Local search Bellingham Washington offer businesses an extra layer of online exposure. Publishing to local listing directories helps residents and visitors locate pertinent information and driving directions, but can also improve search rankings.

Companies participating in local search Bellingham Washington should take time to develop a marketing plan to fully capitalize on this affordable advertising venue. Hundreds of local listing directories exist and publishing at as many as possible can enhance online visibility.

It can be beneficial to invest in a universal business listing at UBL.org. UBL offers 4 local listing programs including: Essential, Premium, Professional, and Pro-Social. Depending on the package, UBL submits listing information to search engines, yellow pages, social networks, mobile phones, and 411 directories.

Hand-submitting to each directory is a time-consuming task. Additionally, owners should verify information once published and track listings regularly. It is best to check local listings on a weekly basis to stay abreast of potential hijackings.

Last year, Google Local Business listings experienced high levels of hijacking due to a security flaw. Many companies lost business because their local search listings were redirected elsewhere.

Unfortunately, hijacking does occur in the online world, especially when search rankings are high. There's nothing more frustrating than to discover someone has hijacked your hard work to make money for their self. The only way to stay one step ahead of the scammers is to have a tracking program in place.

Hopefully, I haven't scared you off from publishing at local search directories. This is a powerful tool that can yield positive results as long as you take preventative measures and develop a strategic marketing management plan.

Bellingham business owners have a bit of an upper-hand when it comes to local search. Due to the heavy population of college students and activists, many residents in this Northwest region are techno-savvy and utilize local search directories for all their needs.

Whether scouting out a car mechanic, dry cleaner, pizza delivery joint, or nightclub, students use cell phones to search online numerous times per day. Bellingham is also a thriving retirement community on which many business owners can capitalize by listing their business through online yellow page directories and search engines.

Publishing to local search directories not only helps Bellingham-based companies be found online, but is also a good link building online strategy. Each listing provides an inbound link to company websites, which in turn can improve search rankings.

Listings can be enhanced with photos, discount coupons, or special offers via many directories, so when offered it's best to take full advantage of as many options as possible. Some directories, such as Google Maps, require owners to verify business ownership. This is usually accomplished with a phone call to the company office or via a postcard in which a PIN is included and owners call a verification phone number.

As you can see there are many facets to local search. To take full advantage of offerings will require a full-time employee to publish and track information at all directories. Bellingham companies may find it advantageous to outsource this task to an online marketing company skilled in Internet practices.

At Online Marketing DNA we understand the Bellingham market and offer customized marketing packages to help business owners obtain maximum exposure via local search. Combining local search with other online marketing strategies can provide Bellingham companies the tools required to dominate their niche.

We invite you to learn more about incorporating local search Bellingham Washington strategies into your current marketing plan. Feel free to peruse our offerings or contact us during normal business hours to discuss your marketing needs or inquire about our distinctive programs.

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Published on April 26, 2011

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