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By Pat Smith

Local search Los Angeles California is a great brand building tool that can also enhance customer relationships. Local search is a new spin on an old reliable source for locating businesses. Nearly everyone is familiar with printed phone directories, but local listings take things to a new level.

Incorporating local search Los Angeles California is an affordable advertising strategy that offers multiple benefits. This venue can be used to help businesses be easily located within directories; provide special offers; and obtain valuable customer feedback.

Publishing to a variety of local listing directories is necessary to maximize online exposure. However, this is a tedious ongoing task that requires a strategic plan. Many companies embracing this marketing technique stop short by only publishing at major directories. This can be a costly mistake.

Although each directory offers different options, all allow L.A. businesses to publish contact info, hours of operation, and company websites. Most allow publishing photos to showcase products. Many encourage customers to publish reviews of their experience with the business. Some provide option for offering discount coupons or first time visitor specials.

It's important to take advantage of all offerings to maximize exposure. It's also important to make listings SEO-friendly and keyword-rich. There truly is an art to publishing via local listing directories so it is crucial to become educated about the process. Otherwise, you'll be wasting marketing dollars.

Hundreds of directories exist, so take time to build a list. Of course, the major directories such as Bing Map, Yahoo Local, and Google Places for Business are essential. However, there is abundance of niche directories that should be explored as well.

Information is hand-submitted to each directory unless a universal business listing is purchased. UBLs can be time-saving, but it is crucial to follow-up and make certain listing information is correct. UBLs do not submit to every directory, so it is still necessary to seek out niches.

Directory listing information needs to be tracked on a weekly basis. About a year ago, Google Maps users experienced high incidences of URL hijacking. Hackers were stealing listing information and redirecting URLs to other websites. Google has resolved the issue on their end, but hijacking can occur at any directory. This is a downside of conducting business online.

If a business relocates or other pertinent company information changes, directory listings will require updating.

As you can see, there are many facets to this online marketing strategy, but it is worth the effort. Due to time constraints, it can be advantageous to work with an online marketing company. Not only can they publish local listings, they can help with other marketing projects.

It's not easy to incorporate and maintain multiple online marketing strategies, but is crucial for being recognized online. Gone are the days of being able to market brands via websites alone. Today, companies need to embrace blogging, social media marketing, how to videos, podcasting, article marketing, mobile marketing, and link building online.

Each strategy must be interconnected and SEO-optimized. I've yet to meet anyone capable of mastering every online marketing strategy. To master requires a team of professionals skilled in Internet marketing practices.

At Online Marketing DNA we have a team of marketing masters including programmers, designers, and SEO copywriters. Their combined skills have helped companies, just like yours, reach new limits.

Our home office is based in Orange, California and we understand the needs of SoCal businesses. Whether you're ready to incorporate local search Los Angeles California or want our 5-star full-blown marketing package, we'd like to help you reach your goals. Give us a call during normal business hours to discuss your Internet marketing needs.

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Published on April 28, 2011

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