Online Marketing Bellingham Washington

By Pat Smith

Online marketing Bellingham Washington involves combining multiple advertising methods to obtain the highest level of market reach. This thriving community of techno-savvy residents allows business owners to easily capitalize on a variety of Internet marketing strategies.

Engaging in online marketing Bellingham Washington strategies allows business owners in this Northwest state to reach out and interact with residents, college students, and tourists. However, to take full advantage of online advertising requires development of a strategic marketing plan.

There are many facets of online marketing. Most companies have a business website or blog, but these venues are merely a platform to share all types of marketing collateral. For example, a website or blog can be used to provide informative articles, how to videos, audio podcasts, digital newsletters, sales announcements, discount coupons, and for lead generation

An abundance of opportunities exist for further promotion of Bellingham businesses. Companies can engage in article marketing and publish SEO keyword-rich articles at various article directories. They can produce online marketing videos or audio podcasts and publish at multiple directories, as well as promote via websites, blogs, and social media outlets.

Social media marketing is an essential element for Bellingham business owners. This form of advertising allows companies to interact with customers while building brand awareness. Social media is an exciting venue because it offers endless possibilities to develop customer relations.

Another form of online advertising is mobile marketing. Due to the dense population of college students, Bellingham businesses can reap enormous rewards through mobile marketing. Students frequently use mobile devices to locate restaurants, retail stores, and businesses through local listing directories.

Local search Bellingham Washington is a powerful venue because it allows people to easily locate businesses within the community. Many service providers allow companies to include special offers, such as discount coupons, as well as permitting customers to submit reviews.

Submitting company information to various local listing directories is a time-consuming task, but the rewards are worth the effort. In addition to making it easy to locate Bellingham businesses, local listings are a good way to engage in link building online.

Link building is an essential element for any business because it helps boost search engine rankings. To fully capitalize with this technique requires developing a strategic plan.

Many companies find online marketing is an overwhelming project due to the multitude of options. It can be advantageous to work with an online media marketing consultant. Marketing professionals can help companies develop strategic plans and tracking systems to acquire maximum return on investment.

Once plans are in place, marketing consultants can help Bellingham business owners develop ad campaigns and learn how to cross-promote and recycle information.

The opportunities to generate positive cash flow through Internet marketing practices are only limited by imagination. However, to obtain maximum exposure requires a dedicated marketing team. This is often cost-prohibitive for small business owners and entrepreneurs. A good solution is to outsource advertising projects to an online marketing company, such as Online Marketing DNA.

It can be beneficial to work with ad agencies familiar with this Northwest region of Washington. At OMDNA we understand the diverse community of Bellingham and can help companies embrace online marketing strategies that reach college students to retirees.

We invite you to learn more about our unique online marketing Bellingham Washington packages or VIP business coaching. Our Washington office is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and our staff is eager to discuss your marketing needs.

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Published on April 24, 2011

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