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By Pat Smith

Online marketing Los Angeles California should be an integral part of marketing plans for SoCal businesses that desire improved online visibility. L.A. is a highly competitive market and companies must embrace multiple online marketing strategies to stay ahead of the pack.

Online marketing Los Angeles California can consist of websites, blogs, online videos, audio podcasts, digital newsletters, mobile marketing, article marketing, local search directories, social media marketing, and link building online.

Interconnecting each strategy can boost search rankings while allowing companies to build brand recognition and develop long lasting relationships. Understanding how to interconnect Internet marketing strategies is crucial for achieving success.

Prior to engaging in online marketing it is essential to develop a strategic marketing plan. Most companies find a flow chart to be an effective tool because it provides a visual aid that shows how each campaign can be connected.

For most, online marketing begins with a website. This venue is used to present all types of marketing collateral and is the foundation for all other types of link building online strategies. For example, a company could develop a blog which links back to the business website. They could then publish informative articles via article directories and link back to either the website or blog.

The article could be transformed into an audio podcast or online video. Either would include the website URL at the beginning and end of the presentation. When uploaded to podcast or video directories, each could include a link to the original article, website or blog. As you can see, this can become very confusing if a flow chart is not in place.

Every form of online marketing is ranked via search engines based on several criteria. However, one essential element for enhancing search visibility is inbound links. It is critical to include a link back to the primary website or blog in order to boost search results. This should be one of the primary areas of focus for all advertising campaigns.

Perhaps the biggest hurdle for Los Angeles business owners is finding time to learn about each available online marketing strategy and how to incorporate into current marketing plans. To fully capitalize in this arena requires a dedicated marketing team well-versed in online practices.

Hiring a marketing staff is often cost-prohibitive for small business owners and entrepreneurs. It can also be challenging for larger corporations that want to add online marketing practices into current plans. One solution is to outsource projects to an online marketing company.

While there are hundreds of marketing agencies it is best to work with a company familiar with the Los Angeles market. This can be particularly advantageous when incorporating local search strategies.

Local search Los Angeles California refers to publishing company information via directories such as Google Places, Yahoo Local, and Bing Map. Local listings are a powerful tool because they help people locate SoCal businesses and provide inbound links. Companies can offer discount coupons or private offers only available through the directory listing.

L.A. business owners also need to develop a tracking system to determine where information is published. Many article directories allow people to republish articles on their website. Terms of service require anyone republishing articles to retain the author bio which includes a link back to the owner's website. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people who steal articles and use as their own.

Copyright infringement is an enormous problem in the online world. Once L.A. based companies begin generating large volumes of content a full-time employee may be required just to track published information and file DMCA notices when infringements are found.

At Online Marketing DNA we understand the challenges Los Angeles business owners face and offer solutions to simplify the process. Our flagship products embrace personalized marketing strategies designed specifically for each client, along with VIP business coaching to help companies fully capitalize with online marketing strategies.

Staying competitive with online marketing Los Angeles California is a tremendous amount of work. No one is capable of embarking down this path without a strategic plan and a dedicated team. We would like to help your company reach marketing goals and dominate your niche. If you are ready to go full throttle with online marketing campaigns, give us a call today.

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Published on April 27, 2011

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