Local Search Marketing Orange County California

By Pat Smith

Local search Orange County California is a superb Internet marketing technique that can be used to reach new customers and improve search engine ranking. Local search is an affordable tool that requires minimal effort to implement.

Local search Orange County California is ideal for businesses because it helps customers find them online. Equally important, local listings also reach mobile markets including 411 directory assistance and in-car systems such as OnStar.

In L.A., the number of cell phone users exceeds landlines. People are always on the go and need access to web-based information. Publishing company information to listing directories makes it easier to be discovered by this ever-growing market.

There is an art to publishing local listings, so it's smart to enroll in a marketing training course to fully capitalize on this strategy. It's also smart to develop a plan. Take time to research various directories and prepare required information. Consider purchasing a universal business listing that submits to multiple directories.

Local listings can produce positive results if done correctly. It's worth the time and effort to learn how to harness their power. Those who don't have time or resources may want to outsource this project to an online marketing company.

The primary benefit of local search is being found online which can lead to increased sales. Another is each directory publishes an outbound link to the company website. This strategy is known as link building online and can boost search rankings.

Search engines rank websites on a variety of factors including SEO-content, meta tags, inbound links, outbound links, and latent semantic indexing (LSI). If numerous quality websites link to another website it is a signal that the site is legitimate and popular.

That being said, it's important to seek out quality local listing directories along with 2nd and 3rd tier directories. It's also beneficial to locate social listing directories that allow consumers to post unsolicited reviews and testimonials.

When publishing at social local search it is wise to put an action plan in place to stay abreast of comments and reviews. It doesn't take long for negative news to travel in the online world. Most people relish positive feedback, but negative press is not ordinarily a good thing. Be certain to understand how directories handle slander before publishing company information.

Some directories let business owners delete comments from their account. Others require written correspondence. The last thing any business needs is bad reviews, but sometimes they happen. Those who aren't prepared for adverse effects should avoid posting at local search directories allowing social interaction.

Orange County is known for social interaction. These socialites use social media more than most and can be an enormous boost to business. If a business is a class act and treats customers well, social listing directories can launch a company to the next level.

The biggest hurdle for most Orange County business owners is finding time to implement a local search marketing program. A solution is to outsource the project to an online marketing agency that specializes in strategic media placement.

Online Marketing DNA offers comprehensive local search programs to help Southern California business owners reach their full potential. Combined with other Internet marketing strategies, local listings provide the opportunity to enhance and expand business operations.

Our marketing packages are designed to suit the needs of our clients. We work with small business owners to Fortune 500 companies to improve online visibility. We invite you to review our local search Orange County California packages, along with other products and services. If you feel we are a good fit, give us a call to discuss your marketing needs.

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Published on May 28, 2011

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