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By Pat Smith

Hiring an SEO service company Orange County California can lessen online marketing burdens for locally based businesses. Orange County is one of the most competitive markets in the nation. To thrive here requires thorough understanding of search engine optimization and implementation of multiple online marketing strategies.

Working with a locally based SEO service company Orange County California can expedite work and improve results. OC has different marketing needs than NYC, Seattle, or Miami. Locals are familiar with the area and understand what Orange County residents and tourists desire.

There are plenty of SEO companies to choose from, but it is smart to conduct research before entering into contract. It is crucial to work with agencies that walk their talk and have a good reputation within the industry. At all costs, avoid working with agencies known to engage in black hat SEO techniques. This practice can get you banned from search engines and negatively impact your bottom line.

Internet marketing is comprised of multiple elements, so it's best to seek out SEO companies offering a variety of services. These might include web design, video and podcast production, submissions to search engines and local search Orange County California directories, lead generation, and social media marketing.

Considering 90-percent of visitors locate websites using search engines it is imperative to optimize every online marketing strategy to the fullest. Optimized content often provides better results than paid advertising and doesn't require constantly spending marketing dollars to update or modify ad campaigns.

Just as you wouldn't go to a gourmet chef to have dental work performed, you shouldn't hand over online marketing projects to anyone who isn't skilled in SEO practices. As mentioned earlier, Orange County is a competitive market and outranking competitors cannot be accomplished by dabbling in SEO techniques.

Everything that is visible online must be optimized. This includes websites, blogs, sales copy, content, banner ads, graphics, anchor text links, electronic newsletters, sale announcements, discount coupons, products, and shopping cart descriptions, to name a few.

SEO marketing is not easy. Anyone who tells you it is isn't being truthful. Five years ago, companies that mastered SEO techniques could thrive with only a website. Today, companies must integrate multiple online marketing strategies to prevent being buried by search engines.

Not only is SEO marketing a time-consuming task, it can also be costly. Producing quality online videos or audio podcasts can eat up marketing budgets to purchase necessary equipment. There's also the cost of employee salaries and training.

While hiring an SEO service company isn't cheap, if you take time to choose a good agency you should recoup upfront costs through increased sales.

It takes time to lay the foundation in the online world. Plan on being patient as it can take several months to experience major results. However, a good SEO company should be able to improve search results shortly after implementing the online marketing plan.

At Online Marketing DNA, we have developed a system that interconnects multiple strategies. We are a full-service SEO marketing company based in Orange County. We create customized packages based on clients' goals and provide consulting services for companies who prefer to keep projects in-house. Additionally, we provide VIP business coaching to motivate clients and teach them skills to maximize their potential.

We are proud of our result-driven marketing system and invite you to review our SEO services. We realize you can choose to hire our competitors and we appreciate you taking time to see what we offer. If you feel we are a good fit, we'd like to talk to you about becoming your SEO service company Orange County California provider.

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Published on June 24, 2011

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