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By Pat Smith

Local search is an innovative approach to a favorite form of advertising known as the yellow pages. Online business directories are a great way to help people easily locate your business, but also provide opportunity to build brand awareness.

Local search directories include tools that capture the business address to provide driving directions via computers, mobile devices, and in-car navigation systems. Many tie-in with social networking groups such as Facebook which lets the general public share their interests with others. Others provide opportunity for customers to write reviews and rate their experience.

There are many benefits associated with local listings. In addition to directing customers to the front door, companies can upload product photos, offer special deals, and publish a link to their website.

By publishing to multiple local search directories companies can acquire quality inbound links to their website. The reason this is important is search engines take into account how many websites link to another website. While the secret formula has never been revealed, the belief is links from authority websites carry more weight than non-authority websites.

Authority sites typically include government, education, healthcare providers, and established charitable organizations. Search providers also recognize business and hobby websites that offer a high level of quality content and inbound links.

Engaging in link building online strategies is essential for the survival of any Internet business. Although only one of the factors associated with acquiring top search rankings, link building can go along way in pushing your company to the top.

Offering special deals via local search is a good way to attract new business. Think outside the box and offer something no one else is doing. Spend time researching competitors and like-minded businesses that have published business listings.

Find out what they are offering. Look at the types of photos they provide. Read reviews to see what others have to say. This is not to say you should copy what competitors are doing, nor do use similar sales copy. Instead, use it as a brainstorming tool to come up with your own creative ideas.

While publishing to the major directories of Google, Bing, and Yahoo is important, it's also smart to seek out local directory providers in your hometown, along with niche directories. This helps to broaden your exposure and reach markets that are looking for the products or services you offer.

An added bonus of publishing to local listings is the ability to tap into the mobile market. Mobile marketing is one of the fastest growing advertising methods. This venue can help companies reach thousands of consumers.

The majority of local search providers integrate mobile marketing practices by providing companies with a QR code and mobile Web address that allow customers to easily access their business info via handheld devices.

Uploading information to multiple local search directories is a time-consuming process. A lot of companies outsource the project to freelancers or an online marketing agency such as Online Marketing DNA.

In addition to local listings and maps, we provide a variety of SEO marketing services to help our clients attain their goals. Our experienced staff excels at helping companies learn how to integrate a variety on online marketing strategies to fully capitalize on the power of Internet marketing.

We encourage you to review our services and watch our online marketing videos to get a good feel for what OMDNA offers. We work closely with our clients to assure they maximize their potential. Therefore, we are limited on the number of clients we can work with and recommend scheduling a consult as soon as possible to prevent being placed on our waiting list.

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Published on August 04, 2011

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