Online Video Advertising

By Pat Smith

Online video advertising is turning out to be one of the hottest forms of advertising. This venue is a great way to spread the word about products and services, or introduce consumers to staff members and the inner workings of a business.

Participating in online video advertising isn't difficult, but does require a good understanding of videography. Fortunately, modern technology has made it easy to produce captivating videos. HD cameras can be purchased for less than $150 and most computers have built-in video editing software.

Before jumping into video marketing, it is wise to become familiar with the process. Most people find it helpful to enroll in a marketing training course. The type of course depends on the level of anticipated participation. Those who plan on making slideshow videos probably won't require as much training as companies that plan to produce live action videos.

Creating online videos are very similar to producing TV commercials. The goal is to provide substantial information in a brief period of time that inspires viewers to learn more about the product and eventually buy it.

Online marketing videos should include a call to action that motivates viewers to visit the company website or call to place an order. Companies often include incentives to persuade viewers to take action. Certainly, we've all watched infomercials with the tag line of, "But that's not all. Call today and (fill in the blank)."

Incentives can include offers of free shipping, double product offers, an informative report, or a chance to win free product. Essentially, incentives can be anything that encourages the target market to buy the product by the time they are finished watching the video.

Online video marketing offers multiple ways to promote products. They can be published on company websites, blogs, video directories, and promoted through social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

A relatively new way to share video ads is through mobile marketing. This venue requires companies to comply with FTC regulations, as well as learning how to format videos for easy viewing on mobile phones and handheld devices.

Short advertisements of 60 seconds or less tend to perform better than long videos. Consumers demand instant gratification. If they find an ad boring or irrelevant they will quickly click away. Therefore, it is essential to captivate them within the first 3 seconds or run the chance of losing them forever.

Online video advertising is frequently used in conjunction with content placement. Companies often insert videos in with sales content and product descriptions to enhance viewers' ability to learn more about the product line.

In many instances, videos are comprised of customer testimonials. When combining videos with content, it is crucial for the content to be search engine optimized and inline with the video advertisement.

Search engine optimization is a requirement that must be used with every online marketing strategy, as it provides the code to search engines to properly index content in search results. Without SEO, online videos are easily lost in the endless sea of the Internet.

Online video advertising can be a powerful and affordable way to build brand recognition as long as they are promoted in the right way. Many companies find it advantageous to outsource video production and video marketing to marketing agencies like Online Marketing DNA.

OMDNA specializes in SEO video marketing and offer a variety of marketing packages to help companies expand their online presence. We invite you to review available services and watch our marketing videos to get a good feel for what we offer. Afterward, give us a call to setup a consultation to discuss your online video advertising requirements.

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Published on August 19, 2011

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