Business Marketing

By Pat Smith

Business marketing is one of the most important decisions owners need to make. The only way to let consumers know about a business is through advertising. There are countless ways to advertise, but one of the more important is via the Internet.

Deciding which business marketing techniques will return the greatest value can be tricky. This is particularly true with Web marketing because there are so many strategies that can be implemented.

A lot of people find it helpful to talk with an online media marketing consultant to learn about different methods and how they work. Consultants can review current business and marketing plans or help create new plans. They can train staff members about search engine optimization and online marketing strategies.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important components of Web marketing. SEO is needed to have content indexed via search engines. Without it, content languishes around in cyberspace and no one can find it. Not exactly what any business owner wants.

For most, online business marketing begins with creating a website. It's important to avoid taking shortcuts because doing so can cause problems that will be hard to overcome later on.

Most people aren't familiar with behind-the-scenes coding that is required to obtain a clean site. This coding provides data to search engines to inform them of the type of content provided and how it should be categorized. It also helps websites be easily viewed with most types of browsers and ensures sites are WC3 compliant.

Business blogs can be connected to websites for added value. Blogs are a good marketing tool if they provide quality information and address the needs of viewers. While blogs are an ideal platform for interacting with customers they can also be very time consuming.

When adding a blog it's important to establish a plan to provide consistent content and stay abreast of comments. Consumers are turning to online forums and blogs to connect with companies instead of using customer service. Businesses that use interactive tools need to be prepared to address questions and concerns quickly.

The same holds true for social media marketing. There's little doubt that social venues are a powerful business marketing strategy, as long as it's performed correctly. A lot of companies create Facebook pages and Twitter accounts with the best intentions, but lack of experience.

Social marketing can certainly launch a business to new heights, but can also spread negative messages at the speed of light. Owners need to become educated about how to make the most of venue before ever setting up a business page. They also need to develop a social marketing plan and train customer service members on the best ways to interact with consumers in a public forum.

To fully capitalize on this venue requires help from a social media marketing consultant. Specialists can save companies time, money, and embarrassment and explain how to promote different kinds of ad campaigns through this venue.

Online video marketing is a method that is becoming increasingly popular. Advanced technology makes it easier to create video advertisements for websites and blogs. However, just as with websites it's a bad idea to take shortcuts.

Marketing videos need to be captivating, entertaining, or informative. While they don't have to be an award-winning production they need to be professional and enticing enough that viewers are eager to share them. Otherwise, owners are wasting their marketing dollars.

Other popular business marketing strategies include: article marketing, lead generation, local listings, podcast marketing, and mobile marketing. We provide detailed information about each method in the Online Marketing DNA blog.

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Published on January 18, 2012

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