Link Building Basics

By Pat Smith

Link building is an essential component of Web marketing. When used correctly, this strategy can help boost search engine positioning and aid in driving targeted traffic to websites.

Link building involves generating a large quantity of quality backlinks from other websites. There are multiple approaches that can be used to control the sites linking back and help to prevent low-quality links from interfering with page rank.

When companies engage in link building without adequate training they can unintentionally cause more harm than good. People that are unfamiliar with link building online ought to become familiar with this strategy before attempting to engage in the practice.

One of the easiest methods is to enroll in a marketing training course that covers link building methods and search engine optimization (SEO). Another is to work with an online media marketing consultant to assess the best approach and develop a strategic plan. A third option is to hand over this project to a marketing agency that specializes in SEO marketing.

Acquiring quality backlinks takes time and requires commitment to engage in the practice on a consistent basis. In the past, webmasters used to submit website URLs to link building directories. The problem with this method is it can create an influx of links too quickly.

When websites receive large quantities of links in a short period of time it sends up a red flag to search providers. Due to the fact that everyone that operates an Internet business is vying for top ten positions, some marketers engage in 'black hat' methods in attempt to trick search engines.

Search providers are constantly improving algorithms to provide the most relevant information to their customers. These tools help them identify companies that are attempting to cheat the system.

Companies that are caught cheating are penalized by having their website de-indexed. While it can be tempting to acquire mass quantities of inbound links it isn't worth the penalty of having a site removed from search engines.

Popular link building methods include: article marketing, blog commenting, local search, online videos, and podcast marketing.

Article marketing encompasses writing quality articles on topics related to the business. Articles are published at various article directories and include anchor text links to the website.

Article marketing is an ideal method for becoming recognized as an industry expert. It's vital to publish to quality article directories and to provide content that is popular amongst readers.

Blog commenting involves publishing comments on like-minded blogs. It's recommended to invest in software that displays lists of 'do-follow' blogs that allow comments. Do-follow means that links will be crawled by search engines. Blogs that utilize 'do-not-follow' are a waste of time because they do not provide any link building value.

Local search requires owners to publish information about their business to local search directories. These include the major search providers, mobile directories, yellow page directories, and niche directories in the region where the business is located.

Videos and podcasts are valuable business marketing strategies that can be used to broaden brand awareness and instill consumer confidence. There are dozens of video and podcast directories that allow companies to publish their content. Some of the more well-known include iTunes, Podcast Alley, Vimeo, and YouTube.

Learning link building strategies is vital for any company conducting business online. It is vital to develop a strategic marketing management system to fully capitalize on this technique.

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Published on January 26, 2012

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