Marketing Management

By Pat Smith

Marketing management is a vital element of operating any business, but even more so when conducting business online. Web marketing encompasses multiple strategies that need to be linked together to improve search positioning. To fully capitalize requires creating a visual blueprint of how projects will be linked.

Marketing management involves deciding which online marketing strategies will be used and creating a plan to monitor results. Owners will find it nearly impossible to accurately assess return on investment without having a plan in place.

The approaches needed to develop marketing management systems depends on the type of products or services offered by the company. Entrepreneurs and small business owners won't require as many elements as Fortune 500 companies.

The process begins with developing the foundations of marketing. This involves creating business and marketing plans; conducting demographic market research; and product planning, pricing, distribution, and promotion.

Every business requires a business and marketing plan. Companies that operate an Internet business have more opportunities to reach consumers than those that depend primarily on traditional advertising methods.

Traditional advertising includes: taking out ads in print publications; magazine and newspaper editorials; billboards; postcard marketing; direct mailings; and TV and radio ads.

Web marketing includes: websites, blogs, articles, videos, podcasts, mobile marketing, social media marketing, local listings, and link building online.

Combined, these methods provide a powerful advertising arsenal that can enhance brand recognition and increase sales revenue.

No one is capable of engaging in every available marketing strategy without a well-trained staff. Companies new to Internet marketing will find it beneficial to consult with an marketing consultant to learn about various advertising techniques and put together a strategic marketing management system and training sessions for staff.

Online marketing can yield powerful results that not only benefit a company's bottom line. Acquiring first page search engine placement should be top priority for companies that want to expand their online presence.

Although this goal can be challenging to reach, those that take time to learn proper online marketing strategies can dominate their niche and rise to the top at each of the major search engines.

With that being said, it is vital to establish marketing management plans in order to fully capitalize on available methods. Every type of advertisement needs to be connected using link building strategies. This aids in boosting search placement.

Link building is one of the more important aspects of Internet marketing practices. This method helps to inform search engines that the website offers information that searchers are looking for. Quality links can help websites become recognized as authority sites on Google, which further increases ranking.

Conducting demographic market research offers valuable insights about consumers and their interest in the products or services offered by the company. Research can also reveal how well products and services will be received in the marketplace and offer insights on the level of competition.

Understanding market trends can help businesses determine which kinds of advertisement will reach their target market, as well as help determine product pricing.

Developing marketing management plans can help owners understand the needs of customers and the types of advertisements they respond to. Plans can also aid in monitoring results and creating link building strategies to maximize exposure.

Online Marketing DNA excels at helping small business owners and entrepreneurs develop marketing management systems so they can take advantage of multiple marketing strategies.

We are a full-service online marketing agency that provides customized marketing packages, VIP business coaching, and SEO services. We work closely with each client to help them implement strategies and track results. Due to the intimate nature of our programs we are limited to working with only a few clients at once.

We currently have two openings for business owners that are ready to expand their online presence and boost sales revenue. We encourage you to peruse our marketing blog and learn how implementing marketing management systems can take your company to the next level.

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Published on February 03, 2012

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