Direct Marketing

By Pat Smith

Direct marketing refers to any kind of advertising that allows business owners to have direct interaction with consumers. Some of the more well-known techniques include: postcard marketing, sales letters, telemarketing, billboards, and Internet advertising.

The primary difference of direct marketing versus traditional forms of marketing is that businesses can personalize sales messages specifically to the person receiving the information.

The way that sales content is personalized is by acquiring information and storing it in a database. This can be accomplished by various means such as offering a newsletter subscription, conducting online surveys or focus groups, or having people provide their contact information through websites or in person.

Companies that engage in Internet marketing have access to numerous tools that can help them build their customer database. These can include digital newsletters, online surveys, blog commenting, social media marketing, and contests or giveaways.

People that operate an Internet business can take advantage of advanced technology that allows them to personalize direct marketing advertisements. Software programs search information stored in customer databases and insert their names in sales letters, newsletters, online videos, and even websites.

Not only does personalized marketing make customers feel special, it can also enhance conversion rates. When business owners utilize advanced technology they can make use of cross platform marketing to develop customer loyalty, enhance brand recognition, and improve response time.

There is no doubt that direct marketing is an effective way to advertise services and products. A recent report supplied by the Direct Marketing Association reveals that companies spend approximately fifty-five percent of their marketing dollars on direct marketing endeavors.

To succeed with direct marketing involves developing strategic marketing plans that encompass cross-platform marketing techniques comprised of traditional and online marketing strategies.

Since this venue encompasses multiple techniques it can be advantageous to work with direct marketing companies. These specialists can analyze current marketing plans to analyze strengths and weaknesses and figure out which advertising methods will provide the greatest return on investment.

Additionally, marketing consultants can help companies develop a strategic marketing management plan so they can take advantage of a variety of advertising techniques and track results.

Companies will need to establish a marketing budget for each advertising method they plan to use. It's important to use a good mix of print, TV, radio, and Internet marketing strategies to expand market reach.

Taking time to explore all available approaches to direct marketing will pay off with increased sales revenue and improved customer relations. One way to become familiar with the various strategies is to enroll in a marketing training course. Another is to outsource advertising projects to a marketing agency, such as Online Marketing DNA.

In addition to providing direct marketing, OMDNA specializes in a variety of SEO services, web design, lead generation, and social media marketing. We also offer business analysis and VIP business coaching to help companies maximize their marketing dollars.

If you're ready to implement direct marketing, Online Marketing DNA offers a variety of tools to help you achieve your goals. We are a full-service online marketing company that specializes in helping business owners retain current customers and attract new customers using innovative marketing techniques. Click here to learn about our marketing services and how they can benefit your business.

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Published on March 15, 2012

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