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By Pat Smith

Marketing services are an essential element of operating a business. Whether you own a brick-and-mortar business or an Internet company it's important to make use of as many advertising methods as you can afford.

Working with a marketing services company is a good approach for implementing multiple techniques at once. This is especially true when advertising online. Internet marketing is a complex process that involves connecting different methods to broaden online presence.

Selling products or services online necessitates using SEO marketing. This process includes developing a business website and blog; writing how to articles; engaging in link building online; publishing to local search directories; and entering into social media marketing.

Other methods that can be incorporated include producing audio podcasts and online videos. Videos are one of the most popular online advertising methods and can be highly beneficial to companies that use them.

Producing how to videos isn't as difficult as you might think. Thanks to advanced technology it has become relatively easy to produce a hi-def video with a handheld camera. Video editing software lets companies create multiple versions of videos that can be displayed on websites, blogs, and published at various video directories.

Instructional videos are a great way for owners to become recognized as an industry expert. They are also an ideal platform for driving targeted traffic to websites and for acquiring inbound links.

Link building is an important marketing service that is needed for all business websites. Acquiring quality backlinks from other websites is necessary for establishing a solid reputation. Search engine providers tend to give preferential treatment to websites that have a lot of inbound links.

With that said, there are certain rules that need to be followed with link building. Owners ought to enroll in a marketing training course or hire an online marketing agency, such as Online Marketing DNA, to develop link building strategies.

Publishing to local search directories is another excellent link building strategy. This method involves posting company information to directories like Google Maps, Bing Business Portal, and Yahoo! Local Listing.

There are countless local listings directories besides those offered at the major search providers. A good way to reduce the amount of time required to upload to all directories is to invest in a Universal Business Listing.

Purchasing a UBL makes it faster and more efficient to obtain local search listings at the major providers, along with Yellow Pages, 411 directories, social networks, and mobile phones.

Social media marketing is a relatively new approach to advertising products. This venue lets owners interact with visitors to share information, answer questions, and engage in conversations.

There is little doubt that social marketing can take your business to the next level. However, owners must have a thorough understanding of how to use the various tools in order to reach the highest number of people.

One major consideration of social marketing is learning how to interact with people so they will share your information. Another is implementing a marketing system to quickly address concerns or complaints posted in social networks. It is advisable to hire a social media marketing consultant to learn the most effective ways to use this venue.

Online Marketing DNA offers a wide range of marketing services to help companies broaden their online footprint and expand brand awareness. Whether you need an assessment of your current marketing plan or a full service marketing company, OMDNA can supply all the tools and direction needed to reach your goals. Get started today by clicking this link to learn more about our Internet marketing and consulting services.

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Published on June 13, 2012

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