Local SEO

By Pat Smith

Every business owner can take advantage of local SEO to dominate their market and outperform competitors. This method is also known as geo-specific optimization and involves producing content directed toward a specific region, such as the city where the business is located.

There are many ways to incorporate local SEO into marketing plans. Before getting started it is crucial to become educated about search engine optimization. This can be accomplished by enrolling in an online marketing course or hiring a marketing consultant.

After learning about SEO and the various marketing strategies, it's time to create a plan. This can include writing content for websites, blogs, and article directories; publishing company information at local listing directories; producing online videos or podcasts; mobile marketing; and getting involved within the community.

Content that is optimized for search engines is a key element in improving search placement. Many companies hire writers or a marketing company to optimize content for their market. Due to the intense competitive nature of the Internet it is smart to hire experienced professionals with a good track record of helping clients enhance online visibility.

Publishing to local listing directories is a good way to expand reach to local consumers. People often use search engines to locate a business or retailer in the area that provides what they need. Local search is becoming more popular each day, so this strategy should be placed at the top of the list.

There are various ways to approach this technique. Certainly, it's important to create business listings at the major directories like Google Places and Bing Local. It's equally important to seek out niche directories as well.

The downside of local search is each time providers update firmware or change algorithms the published data can be altered. Owners need to check listings on a regular basis and fix problems as they arise.

Local mobile marketing is another strategy that should not be ignored. It seems as if everyone is using Smartphones these days, so owners should learn how to reach consumers through their cell phone or tablet.

The secret to mobile advertising is a tactic known as hyper-targeting. This means that ads are created for one specific location to serve a very specific group of consumers. Focusing attention on the group that is most likely to buy the advertised product is considerably more effective than engaging in mass-marketing.

Mobile advertisers must comply with FTC regulations, so it's wise to become educated about federal laws. The best approach is to establish double opt-in procedures for subscribers and always engage in truthful advertising.

Last, but not least, getting involved within the community is a great way to boost brand awareness. When possible, owners ought to sponsor charity events or support local schools, athletic teams, or other causes.

Performing good deeds not only strengthens bonds with local residents and merchants, it is also a great link building strategy. Organizations will promote their sponsors on marketing materials, websites, and via social media.

Events can also warrant media coverage from local TV and radio stations, newspapers, and magazines. These entities generally have a website and publish articles online and in print.

There is no doubt that local SEO is a powerful strategy that can boost consumer confidence and sales revenue. However, to achieve results necessitates careful planning and implementation of multiple techniques.

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Published on October 26, 2012

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