Rules of Social Media Marketing

By Pat Smith

Entrepreneurs who learn the rules of social media marketing can generate brand buzz and become recognized as an industry expert. With the right tools and marketing approaches, they can develop a loyal fan base that will assist in sharing marketing messages and bring in new customers.

One of the primary rules of social media marketing is to interact with fans instead of trying to be the center of attention. Consumers have become jaded by countless ads that are provided at every turn. From TV and radio to print and online marketing, people are bombarded with so many advertisements that they tune out.

Social networks provide owners with the tools to build relationships and get to know their clientele. Business owners can generate two-way conversations by asking questions and encouraging people to leave comments or by setting up polls related to their industry.

Although companies can take many approaches to social marketing, there are three strategies that should not be overlooked. These include: listening, engaging, and being helpful.

Listening is a skill many companies have forgotten. Everyone wants to be heard, so companies that pay attention can reap benefits for years to come. Many consumers turn to social media to express opinions about businesses and brands. If complaints are aired on social networks it is vital to become proactive and find a solution.

Owners must develop a plan to quickly address communications in social networks. Those who ignore complaints will soon discover how fast negative news travels online. To maintain a good reputation necessitates resolving issues in an expedient and professional manner

Engaging fans will help owners find out what consumers desire. Ask questions and encourage interactions. Give away free stuff like informative reports, newsletter subscriptions, exclusive discounts, or free shipping.

Getting fans engaged in conversations is a very effective way to perform market research. Not only can owners find out what people want, they can include them in the development of new products.

Social networks are ideal for finding people willing to try out new merchandise and offer feedback. It's much cheaper than setting up consumer focus groups and will aid in the development of goods and services.

Being helpful goes a long way in strengthening consumer relations. Answering questions, conducting seminars, and sharing useful info helps companies become established as an industry expert.

Owners often shy away from giving away free stuff, but helping people solve problems or achieve goals is a smart approach to developing lifelong relationships. It doesn't cost a dime, but goes a long way in building goodwill toward the brand.

Prior to implementing social marketing, owners ought to become familiar with the different platforms and how they work. Popular methods include enrolling in a social media marketing training course or hiring a marketing coach.

Companies often bring in marketing coaches to train their entire staff or work directly with employees in charge of social marketing duties. Working with a coach is recommended when companies want to fast track their efforts or make use of multiple networking platforms.

Coaches can offer guidance for preparing a marketing plan and deciding what type of information to share in networks. Owners need to determine how they want to utilize social media groups to ensure their tactics generate the desired results.

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Published on November 21, 2012

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