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By Pat Smith

Everyone knows online marketing content is a necessary part of conducting business via the Internet. After all, search engines are designed to deliver websites containing the information searchers are looking for.

Learning how to capitalize with online marketing content will help Internet marketers improve search results and drive traffic to their online business. The first step involves figuring out which type of content will be used. The next step requires creating a marketing plan and linking multiple forms of content.

While there is a wide variety of Internet content, let's take a look at the top three which include user-generated, video, and newsletters.

User-Generated Online Marketing Content

User-generated content includes sales copy, blog posts, and articles. This type of content can be displayed on websites, company blogs, and article directories. It can easily be shared through social media networking sites and included in electronic or print newsletters.

Content can be produced by business proprietors, in-house marketing teams, freelance writers, or online marketing companies such as Online Marketing DNA. It's imperative to hire writers skilled in SEO and capable of producing content on a regular basis.

At OMDNA, we use a proprietary content management system to produce marketing content that search engines love. We understand the complexities of developing link building strategies to connect published content and how to make use of high ranking sites to improve search ranking.

Video Marketing Content

Video marketing is a technique that can take websites to a new level. However, business owners need to know how to produce videos that viewers enjoy and want to share. They should also be adept at basic video editing and be capable of adding text to include their company name and website URL.

While it isn't necessary to invest in expensive video production equipment, video ads ought to be good quality. Owners who don't possess production skills can hire freelancers or production companies to film, edit, or produce advertisements.

What's great about marketing products or services with video ads is they can be shared in multiple places. Videos can be uploaded to directories such as Vimeo and YouTube or published on websites and blogs. They can be shared via social media marketing or created for use with mobile marketing.

A good way to become familiar with the various ways to use video content is to enroll in an online video marketing course. Many courses are offered online; making them easy to fit into hectic schedules. Other options include enrolling in courses taught at local college campuses or hiring a marketing coach to conduct in-house training sessions.

Newsletter Content

Providing a newsletter is one of the simplest ways to enhance customer relations and build consumer trust. Make it easy for individuals to subscribe to your company newsletter by placing a subscription box on websites and blogs. It's recommended to use a reputable newsletter service to ensure delivery to subscribers.

Newsletter content is an ideal way to share information and news, as well as sell products. Ezines can include links to user-generated content, marketing videos, online product catalogs, and social networking groups.

Newsletter companies offer a variety of templates and formats which let owners provide detailed newsletters, press releases, industry news, or quick announcements. Business owners need to become familiar with newsletter etiquette to ensure they don't bombard subscribers with information overload or too many mailings.

Online Marketing DNA can help you discover the best forms of online marketing content for your type of business and aid in developing an online marketing plan. We also offer private coaching sessions, SEO marketing, and other services to help you reach your goals. Click here to find out more about our services and Internet marketing packages.

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Published on February 12, 2013

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