How to Videos

By Pat Smith

How to videos is one of the most prevalent topics people search for online. Business owners can capitalize on this by learning the fundamentals of providing informative videos that teach people how to accomplish whatever they desire to learn.

Thousands of how to videos are available, but many are amateurish and poorly produced. In today's techno-savvy world there really is no excuse for producing a poor quality video. This is especially true for marketers who offer instructional videos for how to build a website, develop a blog, or demonstrate Internet marketing concepts.

Prior to creating online videos it is crucial to spend time learning how to produce quality videos. There are numerous video marketing courses that can be viewed from the comfort of home. The type of course required depends on the type of video you want to create.

If you've never used a video camera or video editing software, it's best to start off with a basic course. If your experience with videos is limited to filming family gatherings or outdoor explorations, a video editing course might be better suited for your needs.

While you don't need to have a Bachelor of Arts degree in film and video production, it is important to understanding lighting, sound, time lapse, editing, and cinematography. These elements are crucial in producing quality videos that people enjoy while learning how to accomplish their goals.

Taking time to become educated about video production is worth its weight in gold. Quality videos that provide easy-to-understand instructions can quickly turn into viral videos that are shared around the globe.

Shared videos help drive targeted traffic to your website and are instrumental in establishing your business as an industry expert. This in turn helps to develop consumer trust and can aid in building a loyal following.

Another advantage of online video marketing is this venue grants business owners the opportunity to let their personality shine. This can be particularly beneficial for startup businesses that have not yet developed their brand into a household name. Videos can be entertaining, include catchphrases that build brand awareness, or include cliffhangers that leave viewers wanting more.

Creating how to videos does take time, but does not have to be expensive. Many camera manufacturers offer high-quality video cameras at affordable prices. I use a Kodak Zi8 high-definition pocket camera that not only offers built-in editing capabilities, but also allows me to instantly upload videos to Facebook and YouTube.

GoPro is a great video camera for shooting action shots. This wearable HD camera can be worn on the body, mounted to automobiles, boats, motorcycles, helmets, car dashes, and even used underwater. These cameras have been used by professional filmmakers to capture car chases, extreme sports, and in-car action shots at motorsports events. Today, they are an affordable option for those who want to include breathtaking high-definition action footage.

Creating entertaining, yet informative how to videos is one of the most affordable ways to build brand awareness. Once videos are produced they can be uploaded to numerous video directories and published on company websites and blogs. Viewers can leave comments, share videos via social media sites, and email video links to friends, family, and colleagues.

Last, but not least, Internet business owners can monetize how to videos with little additional work. Video publishing websites such as YouTube provide companies with the option to generate revenue through a variety of online marketing programs.

At Online Marketing DNA we can help you learn how to produce topnotch how to videos and incorporate multiple online marketing strategies to fully capitalize on your work. We offer unique Internet marketing packages that provide results. Take a moment to browse around and learn more about our offerings. If you like what you see give us a call to discuss your online marketing needs.