Internet Marketing Training

By Pat Smith

Engaging in Internet marketing training is nearly a prerequisite for online success. With the abundance of marketing strategies that currently exist, few people can master everything without help from marketing professionals.

Numerous Internet marketing training courses are available. However, before handing over cash take time to research the company or individual offering the course. Anyone can proclaim to be an online marketing expert, but not all can provide results.

Becoming proficient in Internet marketing is no easy feat. Nearly every day a new online marketing strategy is presented. Just a few years ago, having a website with quality content was sufficient. Today, websites are merely a pebble in the vast cyber ocean.

In addition to having a highly ranked SEO-rich website, advertising campaigns should encompass mobile marketing, audio podcast marketing, online video marketing, and social media marketing. Each of these methods requires a decent level of proficiency to achieve desired results.

As more people use handheld devices to access the Internet, business owners should consider taking an internet marketing training course to learn how to capitalize on mobile marketing strategies. This advertising strategy is certain to explode in the upcoming months. Those who learn how to master delivering messages to cell phones are certain to have advantage over competitors.

Online video marketing is another niche that has exploded in popularity. There is no doubt people love watching and sharing videos. Just look at the success of YouTube and Hulu. Less than 5 years ago, watching videos from a computer was virtually unheard of. Today, millions of subscribers have relinquished their cable TV accounts in favor of watching Internet TV.

We can only imagine advancements in the next 5 years. Companies who take time to become proficient in creating powerful marketing messages through online videos can develop viral marketing campaigns that can make their product a household name.

Unless you have a degree in videography or broadcasting it can be difficult to create high quality marketing videos. However, investing in a quality Internet marketing training program can ease the burden and stress.

Podcast marketing is a highly effective advertising medium that can quickly generate quality sales leads. Podcasting is a great way to share information about your company, products, and services. One unique feature of podcast marketing is visitors can subscribe to an aggregator service that automatically delivers all future podcasts directly to their email account.

Delivering quality information via audio podcasts is one of the easiest ways to develop a strong subscriber list. However, entering into podcast marketing can be a time-consuming task; especially for those who plan to use this advertising medium on a regular basis.

Social media marketing embraces building relationships with current and future customers. This online marketing strategy can also be used to share marketing videos and podcasts, informative articles, sales promotions, and to create opt-in subscriber lists.

Numerous opportunities exist to incorporate social media marketing into any type of business. Some of the more popular venues include Facebook, Ryze, Twitter, and StumbleUpon. Media marketing can quickly turn into a time-consuming project, so companies must develop a social media marketing plan to obtain the highest return on investment.

At Online Marketing DNA we offer solutions for all your marketing needs. From web design to creating videos and podcasts to mobile marketing and social media, we can help you develop a solid online marketing plan and assist in developing, implementing, and tracking each advertising campaign.

Our online marketing programs have been carefully designed and tested. Each adheres to Internet ethics to ensure clients' websites are not adversely affected by search engine algorithm changes.

We invite you to review our marketing products and business coaching packages. If you feel Online Marketing DNA is exactly what you are looking for, we encourage you to contact us to discuss our customized marketing programs and Internet marketing training courses.