Link Building

By Pat Smith

Link building is a method used to interconnect content and marketing campaigns to improve online visibility. Companies that learn proper techniques can outrank competitors and attract more visitors to their website or business location.

Due to the numerous link building options it's important to produce a written plan and flow charts. Connecting everything together is a complex task that can become very confusing. Written plans and visual charts help marketing staff stay on-task with projects.

Most people find it beneficial to talk with an online media marketing consultant and learn about the different methods and the results they produce. It's impossible to take on every method unless you have a large marketing team or outside help.

It's best to start off with one or two link building methods and monitor results. It is difficult to accurately assess return on investment when implementing many techniques at once. It's better to become very familiar with the method; determine if it's producing desired results; and slowly add new methods.

When companies build links too quickly it can have adverse effects. Search providers use sophisticated software to monitor the information they provide. Unscrupulous Internet marketing people are always trying to game the system to push their website to the top.

Websites that have extremely high levels of traffic or receive a large quantity of links in a short period of time are flagged to determine if methods are being used to trick search engines. For this reason, it's vital to have a thorough understanding of link building online or run the risk of being penalized.

Link building needs to be performed in a natural manner using an assortment of techniques. Good options include article marketing, producing videos and podcasts, social media marketing, and local directory listings.

Article marketing is one of the better methods because it offers several benefits. In addition to providing quality links, articles are a good way to instill consumer confidence in your brand.

Publishing quality articles that solve common problems or answer questions is a good way to become recognized as an industry expert. That status provides credibility which helps consumers feel more comfortable buying what you offer.

Article marketing is a labor-intensive process, but worth the effort. To maximize efforts involves publishing content on a regular basis. It can be beneficial to hire writers experienced with search engine optimization (SEO) and latent semantic indexing (LSI).

Videos and podcasts are great methods for building links, but this also requires a lot of time. The benefits outweigh the time requirement because of the vast exposure these strategies can provide.

Companies that produce online videos and audio podcasts need to make certain the quality is excellent so that viewers and listeners will share with their friends. Owners often enter into video marketing in hopes of having a video go viral and turn their business into an overnight sensation.

One way to improve chances of producing a viral video is to outsource the project to a video production company. It can also be helpful to hire an online marketing company, such as Online Marketing DNA, to promote videos and assist with all types of ad campaigns.

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