Local Listing

By Pat Smith

Local listing refers to having company websites listed in local searches relevant to their place of business. For example, if a computer company is located in Orange, California they will want to be found when potential customers perform an online search.

In order to obtain a local listing, business owners need to submit their website to local listing directories. There are literally thousands of directories, but some of the most common include Yahoo! Local Listings, Yellow Pages, Merchant Circle, Yelp, Local Pages, Yellow Book, and HotFrog.

Submitting websites to local listing directories can be a daunting task. Each directory requires hand-submission of company name, address, phone number, fax number, email address, and website URL. Some directories require connecting to local mapping services such as Google Maps, Mapquest, or Yahoo! Local Maps.

The majority of local listing directories allow business owners to submit their website for free, but some charge a fee. The time required to locate various local listings directories, submit information, and update when changes occur, can amount to hundreds of man-hours and thousands of dollars in employee wages.

Additionally, local listings can change when search engines alter their algorithms. Anyone who has ever achieved high search rankings knows they can go from the top of the list to the 'nowhere to be found' overnight. Only those who engage in solid SEO practices will retain their top search engine result status.

Another factor to consider when submitting to local directories is writing the business listing. Local business listings can help drive traffic and obtain solid marketing leads, which in turn generates profits. Business owners typically have a limited number of words that can be included with their listing, so it is crucial to maximize SEO to achieve successful results.

Local listings often allow customers to submit business reviews and feedback. Business owners must stay abreast of published comments and reviews in order to maintain their reputation. If a displeased customer leaves a bad review or a disgruntled employee starts an online smear campaign, your company's reputation can be seriously tarnished.

While listing directories usually do not allow business owners to delete negative comments, they can leave comments to explain their side of the story. If comments are slanderous, business owners will have to contact the directory to request removal. All of these tasks and follow-up procedures could literally require the services of a full-time employee.

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