Local SEO

By Pat Smith

There is little doubt that local SEO is one of the most effective online marketing strategies. Business owners that master these skills can acquire organic search ranking and optimized placement in local search engines.

Companies that effectively use local SEO can improve their online visibility, attract local customers, and acquire customer reviews. Implementing these methods can be a tedious process. Once published, listings must be monitored regularly to ensure data remains intact.

The greatest challenge that local business owners face is attracting local Internet users. Making use of proper SEO is the secret to driving targeted traffic to business websites. However, in order to get the most from local listings, owners also need to understand the online behavior of customers and how they use the Internet to find what they are looking for.

Business owners who have created a business plan have probably already performed market research. This is needed to understand the demographic market and buying habits of customers.

Implementing localized search optimization is a powerful technique that will help owners reach out to new customers and allow people to easily find their company. Knowing how to use this method correctly can allow local business proprietors the opportunity to outperform competitors.

There are many ways to use local SEO. One of the more well-known is creating business listings for sites such as Google Places, Yahoo Local, and Bing Local. These types of local listing directories are quite similar to publishing in business directories.

However, online directories provide additional tools that let business owners provide a variety of information to end users. For instance, owners can upload photographs, product catalogs, driving directions and maps, and create special offers such as discount coupons.

One of the most important steps of publishing to local directories is optimizing content using search engine optimization techniques. SEO is the primary method used to get information listed at search engines.

Owners who are unfamiliar with SEO services ought to enroll in a marketing training course or work with an online marketing consultant. Those who aren't comfortable writing content or preparing information for local listing directories can hand over the task to a marketing agency, such as Online Marketing DNA.

To get the most from online listings involves establishing a marketing plan and optimizing all content related to the company. This includes websites, blogs, social media marketing endeavors, photos, videos, podcasts, and anything else used to advertise the brand.

Since most local listing directories also offer the option for customers to write reviews, owners should establish some sort of reputation management system. Fortunately, there are several companies that offer this service. They provide owners with a variety of tools to track what people are saying, along with the option to remove derogatory reviews.

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