Marketing Technologists

By Pat Smith

Marketing technologists are people that specialize in marketing software used to analyze all types of data. In order to remain competitive it is vital to gather and analyze data regarding the target market, their buying habits, types of products and services they desire or need and guide them into your sales funnel.

Hiring marketing technologists is a good approach for companies that utilize multiple software programs to market products and services to determine the return on investment. Today's competitive market makes it necessary for companies of every size to use a variety of online marketing strategies to broaden exposure and engage in link building.

Organizing processes requires some form of visual blueprint that can be used by marketing agents, sales reps, and anyone involved in developing content. Whether using a whiteboard, spreadsheets, mind maps, or an online marketing plan, it's vital to create a visual flow chart that identifies how marketing campaigns will be interconnected.

This is where marketing technologists can be highly effective. They can develop customized software programs or link together multiple software products to collect data and analyze results.

There is little doubt that technology has forever changed the way businesses engage in marketing. The digital world has made it easy for companies of all sizes and budgets to reach the masses. Today, business owners can create an ad that can be transformed into a how to video, audio podcast, informative article, or infomercial.

Learning how to create digital ads requires understanding available technology. Whether designing a website, adding a blog, producing videos, writing content for the Web, or creating ads for mobile marketing, all make use of some kind of digital software. Few people have the wherewithal to master all forms of technology, let alone capitalize on all available features.

While there are countless approaches to Internet marketing, there are basically six software interfaces that help companies organize data to understand the needs of their target market.

Analytics software is used to understand the audience. A few of the more popular include Google Analytics and Piwik; an open source software. These kinds of programs provide detailed reports regarding website visitors and how they arrived at the website. Details can include the keywords visitors used to conduct searches; number of pages they visited; how long they stayed on each page; best performing web pages; and which pages visitors arrived at and departed from.

Automation software is used to automate processes. These can include programs that schedule and automate IT tasks, computer backups, and various marketing tasks such as publishing blog posts on certain dates or automatically sending out advertisements or digital newsletters to subscribers.

Search engine optimization software helps companies develop optimized content so that it can be found via search engines. SEO tools include a wide range of programs that improve search ranking. Some of the more popular tools include keyword suggestion, link suggestion, keyword density analyzer, keyword list generator, page comparison, local rank, competitive search, and SEO site planners.

Social media listening platforms are software that helps marketers identify conversations that can lead to sales. Listening platforms are used to collect data from social media marketing sources such as Facebook, Twitter, online communities, and review sites.

CRM platforms refer to customer relationship management software that helps companies better interact with customers. Technology is used to organize data and automate sales processes to reduce overall marketing costs.

As you can see there are many facets of operating an Internet business. To fully capitalize on available strategies and software programs often requires outsourcing projects to an online marketing agency that employ marketing technologists.

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