Mobile Marketing Mayhem

By Pat Smith

There is no doubt mobile marketing is the wave of the future. Those who become proficient in this marketing niche can drive targeted traffic, obtain new customers, and increase profit margins. Those who sit on the sidelines will be left in the dust.

Mobile marketing opens up a plethora of new opportunities. It is estimated nearly 5 billion people have mobile phones worldwide. Approximately 2 billion of those are Smartphones which allow users to access the Web, check email, text message, take photos, and navigate their way around town. The U.S. touts nearly 300 million cell phone users, with close to 70-percent using SMS (short message service) technology and texting.

Today, people use their cell phone for nearly everything they used to do on a desktop or laptop computer. With thousands of specialized apps to choose from, mobile users can engage in search strategies not available with traditional computers. This opens a new form of marketing for business owners which can allow them to reach potential customers at a more personal level.

Entering into the realm of mobile marketing is not nearly as easy as engaging in traditional marketing strategies. There are many elements involved. Business owners will need to evaluate which form of media marketing is best suited for their needs. These options can include text messaging, downloadable content, and streaming media.

SMS or texting is often the preferred method when starting out with mobile marketing. These short messages can be used to provide customers with money saving discount codes, or alert them of upcoming sales. Popular mobile media texting campaigns encompass user interaction which can generate revenue when consumers respond to a text message or use the service to cast their vote for a new product line. The possibilities for text mobile marketing are only limited by imagination.

Bluetooth technology is a good tool for offering downloadable marketing material. Some of the more common uses for Bluetooth mobile marketing are interactive games, ringtones, and wallpaper. Geico Insurance is a prime example of combining traditional marketing with Bluetooth technology.

Geico TV and radio commercials have been converted into downloadable ringtones, including the infamous boss's 'ringity-ding-ding-dingy-dong' ringtone. Customers and non-customers can visit the Geico website to download silly mobile phone ringtones which always place Geico's name at the forefront. Talk about a brilliant brand building marketing strategy!

Mobile search can help potential customers locate local businesses. Cell phone users use mobile search features to look for everything from restaurants to dry cleaners and miniature golf facilities to automotive repair shops.

Business owners can tap into mobile search by submitting their websites to local listings directories such as Google Local, Yahoo Local, Yelp and HotFrog. They can also pay for local listings to obtain ad placements on specific pages or for specific keywords.

Mobile marketing can also encompass buying banner ads on Websites which can be viewed on mobile phones. As more and more people use their cell phone to surf the Web, banner ads are beginning to make a comeback.

While mobile marketing can open a multitude of new advertising opportunities, it is important to realize that in order to fulfill the needs of mobile users, your website must be mobile-friendly. At Online Marketing DNA we help customers develop a mobile marketing plan and hand code websites for easy mobile access.

To succeed in online marketing, you need to incorporate a myriad of marketing tools. From designing user-friendly mobile websites to having your site listed and indexed on the major search engines to submitting local listings and SEO services, we are your one-stop shop for internet marketing success. Get started today by submitting information about your business and marketing goals via our OMDNA Contact page.