Online Marketing Bellingham Washington

By Pat Smith

Online marketing Bellingham Washington is essential for companies who want to expand their reach within the community. Bellingham is a thriving community of college students, business proprietors, and retirees who utilize the Internet to find local businesses and community events.

When companies engage in online marketing Bellingham Washington strategies they can improve search rankings and increase sales. Other benefits of online visibility include developing brand recognition and improving customer relations.

Online marketing offers companies the opportunity to incorporate multiple advertising methods for a fraction of the cost of print advertising. Due to the vast number of marketing options it is imperative to first develop a plan. Going in blind can result in lost revenue and wasted marketing dollars.

Nearly every Bellingham business can benefit from working with an online media marketing consultant. These professionals can review current marketing plans and help business owners develop a blueprint for implementing Internet marketing strategies. Once a plan is in place, consultants can help owners develop ad campaigns and understand how to cross-promote.

Most companies will require a website. Since this is the foundation for all marketing endeavors it is wise to hire a professional web designer well-versed in SEO. Search providers rank websites based on a variety of factors. While ranking details are kept secret, it is public knowledge that SEO is a crucial element for obtaining high rankings.

Other factors include obtaining quality inbound links. Link building online is a complex strategy that involves gathering links through advertising efforts, social bookmarking, and social media marketing.

One link building strategy is publishing company information via local listing directories. To achieve maximum results from local listings it is imperative to publish at multiple directories. This can be a labor-intensive process, but is worth the time and effort.

Many local search directories allow companies to highlight special offers such as discount coupons or complimentary reports. All provide an inbound link to company websites, along with maps and driving directions to the establishment.

Social local search directories allow customers to publish unsolicited reviews. While this is a great way for Bellingham businesses to achieve recognition, companies should develop a plan to track reviews.

Social media marketing is a very popular online marketing strategy that can be used to promote most types of ad campaigns. This method is a great way to build brand awareness and interact with customers.

Most people are familiar with social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, but there are dozens of ways to implement this technique. Social media marketing Bellingham Washington could encompass online networking with local businesses, posting comments on Bellingham based company websites, or publishing reviews via local listing directories.

Social media provides endless opportunities to promote press releases, online videos, podcasts, articles, or provide special offers and discounts to residents, students, and visitors.

Internet marketing options are only limited by imagination. However, the abundance of options is often overwhelming to Bellingham business owners. A good solution is to hire an online marketing company to implement and manage online ad campaigns.

It is best to work with agencies familiar with Bellingham and understand the marketing challenges business owners in this Northwest region face. At Online Marketing DNA we understand the diverse market of Bellingham WA and can help companies embrace marketing strategies focused on college students to retirees.

If your company is ready to branch out with online marketing Bellingham Washington, OMDNA would like to help. We have offices located in Washington and California and are available to discuss your marketing needs Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am and 5pm.