Online Marketing Management

By Pat Smith

Online marketing management is crucial for determining how well advertising campaigns perform. Companies should become well-versed in Internet marketing strategies to determine which advertising campaigns are best suited for their budget.

Online marketing management is also essential for launching advertisements that coincide with new product launches, holiday sales, and developing marketing messages that build upon one another.

A good example of quality marketing management is the release of Toyota's online marketing videos used to launch the Sienna Minivan. Deemed the 'Swagger Wagon' these videos captured the hearts of millions as the Sienna family promoted the vehicle with catchy hip-hop rap songs.

In addition to publishing Swagger Wagon videos on YouTube, Toyota ramped up their online marketing strategy by creating which offers free ringtones and MP3 files.

Launching this type of viral video campaign required careful attention to online marketing management. Each phase was orchestrated to build upon previous videos and generate buzz about the coolest minivan in town.

Most companies do not have millions to invest in marketing campaigns, but small businesses can still capitalize on the power of Internet marketing by developing solid advertising plans and working with a reputable online marketing company.

Many businesses find it helpful to obtain Internet marketing training. These courses can help companies understand the pros and cons of each marketing strategy and offer guidance for implementing and managing ad campaigns.

For those who prefer not to fly solo, it can be highly beneficial to work with an online media marketing consultant. It is best to hire a certified marketing consultant who is well-versed in all types of online marketing strategies.

In today's competitive market, companies must be willing to embrace a variety of marketing concepts. These can include mobile marketing, podcast marketing, online video marketing, email marketing, direct marketing, and the ever-important social media marketing.

While all online marketing strategies require some level of management, social media can be the most cumbersome. The reason being, social media allows companies to share all types of marketing messages in one central location.

For example, companies can create marketing videos or audio podcasts and publish links to advertising campaigns at social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Companies can also share discount coupons, private sales, product announcements, press releases, and photographs, as well as personally interact with visitors.

Engaging in social media marketing is a powerful tool, but can require a tremendous amount of time. Add in all other facets of marketing and is it easy to quickly become overwhelmed. When people become overwhelmed they often stop doing anything, which in turn leads to loss of business.

Anyone who tells you that Internet marketing is easy is lying to you. While there are many marketing strategies that are easy to implement, maintaining each campaign requires planning, testing, and tracking. Online marketing management is the only way to ensure advertising campaigns are generating positive results.

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