Online Marketing Orange County CA

By Pat Smith

Online marketing Orange County CA is a highly competitive arena that requires business owners to constantly stay on top of their game. Orange County, California is home to numerous Fortune 500 companies with massive marketing budgets. However, with proper tools and training, Internet marketers can run with the big dogs.

One essential online marketing Orange County tool is local listings. This is a fairly new advertising venue used to publish company information and provide maps and driving directions. Both Google and Bing have made impressive changes to their local listing directories to further enhance user-experience and provide exposure to listed companies.

Internet businesses shouldn't stop at publishing local listings with the major search engines. There are dozens of lesser-known directories, as well as customer review sites that should be embraced as well.

Consumers use customer review sites such as Yelp, InsiderPages,, and CitySearch to determine if they want to do business with listed companies. These sites can be instrumental in building customer relations and boosting search engine placement. However, online businesses must develop tracking strategies to stay informed of published reviews.

Another must-have marketing tool for Orange County Internet business owners is a professional website. To compete with Fortune 500 companies, business owners should consider hiring a web design firm experienced with SEO techniques. Companies often fail to grasp the power of websites and use premade templates in attempt to publish a website quickly.

Company websites are much more than a way to deliver information or sell products and services. They are the driving force behind building brand awareness and developing relationships and trust with customers.

There are several elements involved with web design. In addition to creating SEO optimized and compelling sales copy, websites must be properly coded so that search engines understand the content offered to provide proper search results. Other elements involve taking measures to prevent slow-loading sites; establishing proper navigation; and submitting websites to search engine directories.

Afterwards, business owners must embark in online marketing strategies to promote their website. Orange County businesses should consider embracing mobile marketing because this area of California has one of the highest rates of cell phone subscribers.

Residents of Orange County, California are some of the most techno-savvy people in the world. A large percentage use cell phones for accessing the Internet, checking emails, obtaining driving directions, and scouting out local businesses, retail outlets, and restaurants.

Combining local listings with mobile marketing helps Orange County business owners obtain search engine placement. Customers can easily locate contact information, driving directions, leave customer reviews, and let others know about the business via social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Social media marketing is another must-have marketing tool for Orange County businesses. Whether you are an entrepreneur or Fortune 500 executive, engaging in social marketing is one of the most affordable and effective ways to reach the masses.

Perhaps the most recognized social media platforms are Facebook and Twitter, but there are hundreds of social networking groups. Millions of people use Facebook daily to connect with friends, but also to network with businesses. This venue provides unlimited opportunities to expose any business to the masses.

Two other powerful Internet marketing strategies include online video marketing and podcast marketing. Producing high-quality videos and podcasts requires special training, recording equipment, and editing software. You can learn more about both methods in our online marketing article library.

Operating a successful Internet business is hard work. It requires developing a strategic marketing management plan; working with a team of experts; and remaining consistent in marketing efforts. If you don't have the time or desire to master Internet marketing, we offer a solution.

At Online Marketing DNA we have developed a proven system that incorporates powerful Internet marketing techniques and delivers results. Programs and coaching packages can be tailored specifically for online marketing Orange County. Take a look around, watch our marketing videos, than give us a call to discuss your goals.