Online Marketing Plan

By Pat Smith

Developing an online marketing plan is a crucial element for success. Without a plan, Internet businesses will be severely growth-restricted or completely fail. Regardless of the size of your business, it's a good idea to brainstorm ideas to ensure all venues are covered.

Considerations of an online marketing plan include: web design; distribution of electronic newsletters; development of autoresponder courses; types of downloadable files such as PDF reports or audio files; lead generation systems; implementation of local listings program; and various online marketing strategies such as article marketing, video marketing, podcast marketing, and mobile marketing.

In today's marketplace few Internet businesses can survive using only one online marketing strategy. In order to dominate local markets and achieve top search engine rankings, business owners must incorporate a variety of strategic marketing concepts. These concepts do not have to be implemented all at once, but should be included within the Internet marketing plan.

The first step involves creating a website. Those who already have a website in place should take time to test the content to ensure it is SEO-rich and includes the proper density of keywords, along with appropriate meta tags, headers and footers. Websites should be WC3-compliant and viewer-ready for visitors using mobile devices.

Websites should be market-ready before engaging in online marketing strategies. Just as you wouldn't shop in a store that is under construction, visitors won't buy from websites that are partially erected.

Gearing up to sell through mobile marketing is a key element for success. Billions of people use their cell phone to search the Web. The mobile market will explode in the upcoming months and years. Internet marketers who plan ahead can capitalize on this vastly untapped market and move to the forefront as a progressive Internet business.

Social media is another powerful tool that can be accessed by anyone. Facebook, MySpace, Ryze, Ning, Twitter, and LinkedIn are some of the more popular choices. Social media marketing allows business owners the opportunity to build relationships, brand their business, and network with internet business owners, graphic artists, marketing consultants, freelance writers, and others who can help them reach their business goals.

Newsletter marketing remains a top choice for company branding. Through newsletters, business owners can share company news, product information, customer testimonials, and offer money-saving coupons or product discount codes. Publishing on a consistent basis is an easy way to keep your company name in front of customers while building consumer trust and confidence.

Other marketing considerations include video marketing, podcast marketing, and article marketing. These tasks require specific skill-sets including familiarity with SEO and LSI. Many companies prefer to farm these types of projects out to freelancers or an online marketing agency.

Few companies can engage in all forms of online marketing without help from outside sources. When developing an online marketing plan it is important to conduct research to determine costs involved of working with outside marketing sources.

In order to launch a successful Internet marketing campaign, business owners must understand the pros and cons of each strategy to ensure they fully capitalize marketing dollars.

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