Online Marketing Strategies

By Pat Smith

Implementing online marketing strategies is crucial for web-based businesses. Nearly every day a new 'must-do' Internet marketing strategy is presented. It can make a business owner's head spin trying to stay abreast of the ever-growing marketing 'To Do' list.

It's best to incorporate online marketing strategies in a strategic manner. This is accomplished by developing a solid marketing plan. Obviously, you will need to build a website before you can sell products or services. Since marketing is one of the most important elements for any business, the website should be designed around intended marketing efforts.

For example, if you plan to include affiliate marketing programs, you will need to include a disclosure statement which informs visitors of your connection to the promoted products. If you plan to publish an electronic newsletter, you'll need to determine the service provider and decide on delivery methods to build subscriber lists.

Deciding the type of online marketing strategies you want to use before developing a website can save you hours of time and frustration. However, if you already have a website in place it is still important to develop an Internet marketing plan.

You could drive yourself nuts trying to keep up with the various types of marketing. You could also require an entire marketing team in order to stay on top of all the strategies to drive traffic to your website. While it's important to continuously add new marketing techniques, it's best to start with a foundation of tried-and-true Internet marketing strategies.

E-mail marketing remains one of the most powerful strategies because it allows online marketers the opportunity to build a list of prospects. This list can be used to send all types of marketing messages such as special offers, newsletters, contests or sweepstakes, marketing videos or podcasts.

Video marketing has exploded in the past two years and offers an exciting way to build your brand and develop customer trust. There are multiple ways to use video marketing, but the most common is to publish videos on websites and submit to video directories such as YouTube and Google Videos.

Podcast marketing is another popular way to share marketing messages with the masses. Podcasting allows business owners to share information about their product or service, answer frequently asked questions, or generate buzz about new products.

Some business owners use podcast marketing as a form of Internet radio and encourage people to interact by calling in or submitting questions or comments via e-mail or Twitter. They then publish these interactive infomercials via their podcasts. Podcasts are very flexible and the possibilities for use as a marketing medium are endless.

Mobile marketing is a relatively new online marketing strategy that is certain to be the primary method within a few years. Those who learn how to master this technique can have the upper hand over competitors.

Other valuable online marketing strategies include: search marketing, local listings, social media, press releases, and blogging. Taking time to learn the pros and cons and processes involved to implement each marketing strategy will help you develop short- and long-term Internet marketing plans.

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