Online Marketing

By Pat Smith

Online marketing is an exciting advertising venue because the possibilities are endless. Companies can gain recognition and receive publicity by embracing a variety of online marketing strategies that synergistically work together.

Organizing and maintaining online marketing campaigns is a time-consuming task that normally requires employees, freelance consultants, or an ad agency. Entrepreneurs and small business owners cannot fully benefit from the plethora of Internet marketing strategies on their own.

Marketing is a critical task that can make or break a business. Taking short cuts can destroy a company before it ever gets off the ground. Attempting to fly solo through online marketing can quickly distract attention from business operations. To run with the big dogs you need to work with a dedicated team of online marketing consultants.

Establishing an online marketing plan is essential for success. It's important to review all available marketing strategies to determine if they are suited for your business. In addition to weighing the pros and cons of each strategy, you will also need to determine how much time is involved in utilizing each tool and allocate staff members to develop and manage advertising campaigns.

Those who do not have sufficient staff may find working with an online marketing company quite beneficial. Not only will you avoid spending countless hours researching Internet marketing concepts and learning how to implement each, you also won't need a dedicated marketing team.

It is important to work with an ethical marketing company. Some online marketing consultants offer the promise of top search engine rankings, but engage in 'black hat' strategies that can potentially cause serious harm to your business reputation. In fact, some of these questionable marketing concepts can get your website banned from Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Countless options exist for creating brand awareness and positioning your company as an industry expert. One of the most powerful options is incorporating social media marketing strategies.

This venue allows companies to build personal relationships with current and potential customers through social forums such as Twitter and Facebook or by incorporating instant messaging chat on company websites or blogs.

Podcast marketing offers companies the opportunity to establish their own Internet radio show or present infomercials which can easily be shared by publishing at podcast directories. When people enjoy or benefit from information they often share it with others. Podcasting is an affordable way to quickly build brand awareness and attract loyal customers.

Many Internet businesses are incorporating online videos into their marketing plan. Videos are a powerful advertising medium as long as marketing messages are captivating, interesting, humorous, or emotionally-stirring. It is best to work with professionals to ensure online videos are produced in a manner conducive to all means of viewing.

Today, people access online information via desktop computers, laptops, iPads, and Smartphones. Online videos should be formatted for each viewing medium to fully maximize marketing dollars. Engaging in online video marketing is an exciting venue, but can be cumbersome to produce on a regular basis.

As you can see there are many avenues to explore when it comes to online marketing. At Online Marketing DNA we specialize in helping companies determine which marketing strategies are required to reach anticipated goals. We work closely with clients to ensure all marketing campaigns generate the maximum return on investment.

We invite you to learn more about what we offer. If you're ready to dominate your niche, obtain consistent top search engine rankings, and embrace new and exciting online marketing campaigns we encourage you to contact us today.