Social Media Marketing Consultant

By Pat Smith

A social media marketing consultant is a person who specializes in helping companies determine which social marketing tools best align with corporate goals and assists with implementing required procedures.

Working with a social media marketing consultant can be very beneficial. In addition to sorting through numerous social marketing options, consultants can help companies develop marketing strategies and learn how to track advertising campaigns to ensure marketing dollars are wisely spent.

Implementing a solid social media marketing plan can be difficult because of the magnitude of available options. Social media encompasses a variety of venues which allow companies to interact with customers and other businesses.

Companies can create corporate profile pages at social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Ryze. These profiles offer exceptional opportunities to interact with clients, launch new products, offer private sales or discount coupons, and promote other marketing efforts such as audio podcasts and online marketing videos.

Social media marketing can also include leaving comments on like-minded websites or blogs. This marketing strategy allows companies to engage in link building online to increase search engine rankings and attract new customers.

Another aspect of social media marketing is social bookmarking. Popular bookmarking sites include Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, Propeller, FriendFeed, and Social bookmarking is a powerful tool that can build backlinks, boost search engine rankings, drive targeted traffic, and expand opt-in subscriber lists.

A social media marketing consultant can advise companies of the best ways to utilize various online marketing strategies to build brand awareness and consumer trust. It is imperative to adhere to ethical marketing techniques and build relationships based on truthful advertising. Otherwise, all marketing efforts will be tarnished because word spreads like wildfire when people feel a company is spamming or scamming.

While the Internet is vast, it doesn't take long for business reputations to be harmed. This is particularly true when businesses begin to engage in social media marketing. It is important to realize that everything you do or say will be reflected in a positive or negative manner.

One important aspect of Internet marketing is obtaining local listings so that customers can easily locate your business online. Many local listing directories allow consumers to provide testimonials and product or service reviews.

Once companies become listed with dozens of business listing directories they must be proactive about tracking what others have to say. A social media marketing consultant can advise of the different tracking systems and provide strategies to help companies stay abreast of consumer reviews.

These are just a few ways a social media marketing consultant can help expand your online presence. Every company will have different marketing needs, goals, and budgets. Reputable consultants can guide you through the process, help you make informed decisions, and assist in developing a solid online marketing plan.

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