Social Media Marketing

By Pat Smith

Social media marketing is the next generation of online marketing. Social media integrates a variety of online marketing strategies which allow companies to share information in different formats.

Social media marketing encompasses blogging, article marketing, press releases, online videos, podcasts, mobile marketing, social bookmarking, and interacting with customers via social media platforms such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon.

Social media marketing is often referred to as social media optimization or SMO. In order to achieve success, companies must develop a solid online marketing plan. Attempting to incorporate all advertising mediums at one time can be overwhelming and often leads to disappointing results.

Whether you are an Internet business entrepreneur, sole proprietor or mega-corporation, developing social media strategies provides the opportunity to establish yourself as an industry expert. This status cannot be achieved overnight, but can be accomplished more quickly by utilizing a variety of advertising mediums.

The primary goal of using social media marketing strategies is to develop consumer confidence and trust while building brand awareness. These principals are the foundation of marketing. Those who learn how to market products and services based on trust to their target market can gather and retain a loyal customer base.

The first step of SMO involves creating a place to showcase each social media advertising tool. For most, this involves developing a user-friendly interactive website or blog. These will serve as the home base for lead generation and to publish information, sell products or services, and share online videos, podcasts, and electronic newsletters. All online marketing strategies presented at other venues will link back to the website or blog.

It is important to choose a memorable name for the Web address. Most people use their company name, but it can also be beneficial to choose names that incorporate primary keywords. For example, Online Marketing DNA is not only our business name, but also focuses on the keyword of 'online marketing'.

Next, companies must decide which online marketing strategy to start with. These might include creating audio podcasts or online videos to share information, product reviews, customer testimonials, or interviews with industry experts. Or, developing a Facebook fan page and building relationships through Twitter.

Due to the magnitude of social media marketing options it can be helpful to enroll in a marketing training course or consult with an online marketing agency. Doing so can minimize time spent conducting research and learning how to develop, implement and track each marketing strategy.

It can also be beneficial to hire marketing reps as employees or independent contractors to manage marketing campaigns. It is best to work with individuals who specialize in online marketing strategies and well versed in developing strategic marketing plans.

Online Marketing DNA is a one-stop online marketing company that can create, implement, track, and manage all forms of Internet marketing strategies or assist companies throughout the process.

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