Strategic Marketing Management

By Pat Smith

Strategic marketing management is crucial to succeed in today's competitive online market. Between budget constraints, reduced staff, and a constant barrage of new marketing concepts it can be difficult to manage all aspects of developing or maintaining brand awareness.

Strategic marketing management involves thorough review of short- and long-term goals. Regardless of marketing budgets, businesses need to fully maximize return on advertising investments. Whether print advertorial or television infomercial, the return must be greater than the time and money spent to create the marketing campaign.

Through assessment of company goals and understanding desires of the target market, corporations can precisely determine the best form of advertising. Most companies have a written business and marketing plan, but entrepreneurs and small business owners often carry this information around in their head.

Having a written business plan can be beneficial on many levels. Business plans identify the target market, leadership organization, human resources, financial and business information. Marketing plans draw from the business plan to determine which strategies are best suited.

Marketing encompasses many venues. A self-employed plumber might rely on business cards and word-of-mouth advertising while a Fortune 500 company might launch a series of online marketing videos. A noteworthy example of online video advertising is BMWs series, "The Hire" videos starring Clive Owen.

"The Hire" series is considered one of the most brilliant uses of online marketing campaigns and brand building awareness. The reason for its success stemmed from BMWs strategic marketing management plan.

Strategic marketing involves careful assessment of customers, competitors, and the industry. It also places the company under a microscope to determine strengths and weaknesses. Recognizing these issues leads to identifying solutions to overcome hurdles facing the business.

When business plans, marketing plans, and corporate assessments are combined they can reveal the precise strategies required to achieve desired goals. The foundations of marketing involve knowing who you are, where you are going, and how you are going to get there. Each phase requires careful thought and consideration.

Once marketing strategies are determined, companies must develop a plan for implementation. If you plan to incorporate online video marketing you will many decisions to make. Who will be in the video? Who will produce the marketing video? What will the storyline be? Where will the video be published? How will people find the video? To achieve success you'll need a plan for getting from point A to point B.

It's not easy to engage in strategic marketing management alone. Large conglomerates work with online marketing companies to produce and manage advertising campaigns. But, where do smaller companies turn for marketing help?

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