About Us

By Pat Smith

Online Marketing DNA was born from the thirty five years of offline and online testing direct response advertising to generate leads for Simon's previous business, factory OEM automotive luxury wood dash kits and steering wheels. Way ahead of his time, in 1982 Simon started learning the intricacies of marketing, first offline, then online, and has continued testing marketing strategies for all the years since to ensure that he will continue to be on the cutting edge of all online marketing strategies, tools and market trends.

In 2006, Simon saw the writing on the wall regarding the decline of the aftermarket automotive industry and he decided to diversify he marketing knowledge online. He was helping friends with their businesses and decided to start a new venture of online marketing consulting service.

After a short time, it was evident that OMDNA was going to be successful. Particularly providing outsourcing services to businesses for link building, lead generation, PPC, sales funnels and SEO online video marketing strategies. OMDNA has built a top-notch team of website coders to build W3 responsive compliant websites for our clients on a limited basis. We offer one-on-one coaching for the MOST Dedicated clients who want learn the strategies and methods that Online Marketing DNA uses to help generate traffic, leads and sales.

One specialized service that we offer is forensic competitors intelligence which reverse engineers our clients' competitors websites, finding weaknesses in those sites and designing our clients' sites strategically to achieve higher ranking based on the information uncovered from the research of the competitor's sites.

We also offer a competitive analysis report for customers who are considering starting a new business. This analysis determines how difficult it would be for them to achieve high ranking in that niche. By providing that information prior to starting the business, our customer can determine if it would be worthwhile to start that business, or to consider something different. This analysis can save tens of thousands of dollars in start-up costs that a new business could incur, only to be doomed to probable failure by the amount of competition.

At Online Marketing DNA, it is our mission to remain ahead of the curve, identifying, testing and implementing the best possible tools and online strategies. By staying ahead of this curve, we will be able to continue to provide strategies, plans and tools that will enable small and medium sized businesses to dominate their local market niche, tools that were previously only understood and implemented by Fortune 1000 companies on their websites.