Local Listings

  • Local Listing

    Low Competition

    set-up $1,000

    $500A Month
    (Min. 12 Months)

  • Local Listing

    Medium Competition

    set-up $2,500

    $750A Month
    (Min. 12 Months)

  • Local Listing

    High Competition

    set-up $2,500

    $1,000A Month
    (Min. 12 Months)

Link Building

Specialty Services


  • 1 Hour


  • 25 Hour Pkg

    pre-paid per hour

  • 50 Hour Pkg

    pre-paid per hour

  • 1 Year Pkg

    $25,000 / Yr
    monthly with $5,000 deposit
    per person

    maximum 4 hours a week

Competitive Analysis

  • CA Local

    Find Your Local
    Competition and See
    How You Compare

    each report

  • CA Light

    Finds 3 Top

    each report

  • CA Standard

    Finds 5 Top

    each report

  • CA Deep

    Finds 10 Top

    each report

Website Design

  • Service Businesses

    Basic Silo
    Website on Steroids
    5-7 Silo W3C Compliant

    $3,500+Professional Services Only

  • Service Businesses

    Mobile Ready
    Website on Steroids
    5-7 Silo W3C Compliant
    Mobile Ready

    $4,500+Professional Services Only

  • Ecommerce

    Ecom Website
    Set Up Architecture

    Products Business

  • Sales Funnels

    Design and Mngmt

    ($250+ Monthly Management)

Local Listings and Maps

Local listings, also known as local business listings and local search advertising, allows users to perform very effective searches on the Internet when searching for a product or service because the search can be targeted very precisely to the search terms and location provided by the user. Local listing typical searches include not only information about "what" the user is searching for, such as the name of a product or service, but also "where" information, such as a street address, city name, etc. An example of a local listing would be "New York steak restaurant".

Local listing centers are provided by many search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Websites such as Yelp allow companies to add a local listing to their internet city directory site where local users can find them. Often the sites will contain reviews, which are helpful features for potential users as they decide on whom to purchase their service or product from.

Online Marketing

Developing an online marketing strategy is mandatory if you are in business in this day and age of the internet. Just having a website online without a solid plan optimizing traffic, articles, podcast and videos is not enough. It's designing a custom tailored strategy just for your niche business that can drive qualified leads and sales to your product or service website's landing page.

At Online Marketing DNA we create a step by step plan that any business can follow to get top ranking in the search engines. Our SEO coaching teaches how to research your keywords so that you can compete and dominate top listings multiple times in the search engine ranking pages.

SEO Services

SEO is an acronym for "search engine optimization". There are many SEO services and tools, but the purpose of all of these is to achieve high organic ranking for a specific website on search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Some SEO services provided by internet marketing companies include comprehensive keyword research based on a specific niche, review of an existing site and/or setting up a W3C compliant site for their customer, link building, article writing, advertorials and press releases. Some marketing companies have also added mobile marketing and online video marketing to their list of services.

One SEO strategy we use when we research competitor's website is to reverse engineer websites belonging to competitors of our customers to search for weaknesses. Then we use the information gathered to ensure that our customer's site achieves higher ranking in organic search.

SEO Web Design

Incorporating SEO (search engine optimization) into web design has become an increasingly important factor for all businesses who want to sell their products or services online. Gone are the days when web design was mostly about "the look" of the site. Companies that offer SEO web services must incorporate factors like W3C compliance, must ensure that all FTC requirements are met, as well as many other factors that change on a daily basis, depending on what search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo, and Bing are currently using to rank websites. Conforming to Google SEO methodologies plays an important part in the traffic and ranking that your optimized site will achieve.

Why does your site need web design SEO? There are several reasons. For one thing, if your site isn't at the top, someone else's is and they are getting traffic that you want. Another important factor is the way consumers shop now. According to the findings of Webvisible & Nielsen, 63% of small business owners and consumers use search engines to locate products and services. Redesigning and/or re-engineering your site will increase traffic to your site and your advertising dollars will pay off in the form of new customers

SEO Online Video Marketing

VSEO is an acronym for SEO online video marketing, and takes SEO strategies and applies them to videos. Marketing with videos online shows a steady increase in the volume of searches. Did you know that internet videos generate double the views of those in print? Current statistics show that about 123 million users are on the web viewing about 7 billion videos per month.

Online video marketing is a technique that will enable you to outrank your competitors - and in a shorter amount of time. SEO techniques can take months to achieve top ranking, while video marketing has been known to achieve these results in days!

With the introduction of Google's Universal Search, which incorporates images, audio and videos as well as text in search results pages (SERP) users are now able to view videos online without having to visit the website from which they were generated. This advance is bound to make online video advertising grow at an even faster rate.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the single most important tool you have for any business. Developing and testing lead generation systems and techniques is a skill that Online Marketing DNA has developed over the years to market a variety of products and services online. Fine tuning landing pages to generate traffic and conversions is only learned from constant testing of web squeeze pages.

Most lead generation companies provide sales leads to multinational corporations. At Online Marketing DNA, we provide targeted local sales leads online for small to medium size businesses that generate better qualified leads than newspaper, Yellow Pages or direct mailers, in most cases.

Discover how you can hire a marketing team to generate traffic, leads and customers to your product or service business in a fast as thirty days.

So what are you waiting for? Implement this as your marketing strategy. Today!