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Online Marketing Local Listing Domination

Dominate Local Listings Search Engines and
Your Competition with a "Proven System".

"Online Marketing DNA has developed an AMAZING Proven System to Quickly and
Easily Dominate Google, Yahoo and Bing Local Search Listings, Achieve Top Rankings,
and Build Ultra Targeted and Highly Responsive Customers for Any Business -- Fast!

  • YES Want More Clients and Bigger Profits?
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  • YES Maximize Profits with Less Effort?
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We start with local domination, then the WORLD!

That's right -- the playing field has been leveled for ANYONE who wants to START and GROW their business online just like the Fortune 1000 Companies do every day without the huge budgets and teams of staff. We Reverse Engineer your top local competitors' website and design an online marketing strategy custom built for your business that will kick your competition to the curb.

Online Marketing DNA dissects the competition in your industry and finds their weaknesses and exploits those weaknesses to the max. They never see you coming -- and even if they do it's too late for them to catch up.

  • Discover how having a "clean code" website can make the difference in your listings.
  • Provide good original content so that you become an authority in your field which drives in new customers.
  • Amazing lead generation techniques that make your phone ring 24/7 locally or from all over the world.

Unlike traditional Local Search, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or web design companies, we take it to the next level and break it all the way down to the source code.

It Sounds Complicated But We Make it Simple!

It's hard enough to succeed in business as it is. As more and more businesses come online, all fighting for the same piece of virtual real estate, you must learn to use every tool in the workshop to legally and organically surpass your competitors and never look back. But Google, Yahoo and Bing and countless other search engines algorithms are constantly changing, so how do you keep up?

The answer is simple -- most companies don't!

Most companies that are small to medium size give up trying to optimize and maintain their sites within 90-120 days. That's bad news for them but great news for you. If you can't read between the lines here, it clearly spells out opportunity for you!

Search Engine Optimization is HARD TEDIOUS WORK and
NO ONE Wants To Do It !

If you ever tried building your own website or had your nephew or brother-in-law help you try to build one, then you know what I'm about to say. After countless hours of time spent and hundreds if not thousands of dollars just burned up -- even then, usually the results are dismal at best. You finally give up. Then after the failed attempt you start creating excuses and started saying things like "the internet really doesn't work" or "you can't make money or generate leads from the World Wide Web".

All I can say is, you don't know what you don't know. I hope that makes sense!

You see, the Internet is The World's Most POWERFUL Marketing Tool®. You just don't know how to use it to make money, generate leads or boost sales through the roof. It's a difficult, time consuming task to say the least and most people approach it all wrong. They look at other websites and think-- that's how I want my site to look. They piece together bits and pieces from several sites to build their site using useless written code with errors galore that is not web compliant and doesn't work on multiple browsers, have slow load times etc...etc...etc...

The point I am trying to make is that they didn't have a plan. The MONEY is made in the research of a product or a service in the market you are in and/or want to get in. After this critical research is done then you need to create a marketing strategy to overtake your online competitors. Then you build your website.

You Must Pick Your Battles "

Let's face it. The yellow pages, newspapers, shopper ads and direct response mailers are not bringing in the leads that once did before the Internet became mainstream. Did you know in 2009 that 30% of all magazines went out of business and countless newspapers have gone bankrupt or are struggling just to stay afloat?

According to SCORE there are approximately 29.6 million small businesses in the United States. And based on the findings of
Webvisible & Nielsen, 63% of small business owners and consumers use search engines to locate products and services. This equates to a lot of opportunity for local SEO.

It's tough in the real world and traditional marketing methods are not working.

The Online Marketing DNA "Proven System" can attract more clients, close more sales and maximize profits with less effort. Our custom business marketing is refined and tweaked to your industry niche over a period of one year for explosive results. With brand new innovations and constant testing and developing the OMDNA (Online Marketing DNA) will deliver local qualified leads seamlessly to your door.

We don't just research, reverse engineer, and develop a marketing strategy. We constantly refine and test our
"Proven System" to build websites on steroids that outperform competitors sites naturally and organically in the search engines. Our innovative techniques to generate qualified leads and help increase sales that are bar none above the rest.
Your commitment (if you qualify) for our services is one year.

Strictly Limited To 50, 42 Businesses Members Only!

Due to the extensive manual labor required to research, develop and implement a custom marketing strategy and hand code these websites for your business so that they dominate search engine listings, articles, podcast and videos targeted to your business niche, I regret to say that I can only allow a maximum of 50, oh I mean only 42 members now are available for this yearly package.

Once the private membership is full, you will need to be on the waiting list which could be quite a while.

I mean, would you discontinue a membership if it was making you an insane amount of money hand over fist, month in and month out? No, of course not, and probably the existing business members won't either.

So please take a note of how many spaces are available and jump on the opportunity while still you can.

" Put Us To Work For You Now! "

Here's your chance to make a difference to your business online profits and live the life you dream of -- going on vacations with your family while making money online 24/7 in the background.

Join the private membership NOW while it's still open and started generating leads
and DOMINATING local listings for your business TODAY!

Take Care,
Online Marketing DNA


P.S. Never has such a premium service like this been offered before to the public. This is as close as you can get to marketing like the Fortune 1000 Companies.

P.P.S. Remember that membership to Online Marketing Local Listing Domination is strictly limited. Once we have 50, 42, 28, 23 Business Members , this offer will be taken down permanently.