Internet Marketing Training Course

By Pat Smith

Enrolling in an Internet marketing training course can be a good option for anyone entering into this advertising venue. There are many ways to capitalize on online marketing strategies, but not fully understanding how each strategy works can result in slowed progress.

The type of Internet marketing training course required depends on several factors. Many courses can be taken from the comfort of home, while others require attendance in a classroom setting or office environment. Some focus on a particular online marketing strategy while others touch upon several methods.

One little known secret is many of the top universities offer free marketing courses online. MIT Sloan School of management provides graduate and undergraduate level marketing courses via video and audio. Course include: Introduction to Marketing, Marketing Management, and Entrepreneurial Marketing Course available at

The University of California, Irvine provides free university-level OpenCourseWare training courses that cover the fundamentals of business analysis and capital markets. OCW also provides a robust eMarketing course that covers topics of email marketing, online advertising, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), viral marketing, copywriting, social media marketing, and mobile marketing. This powerhouse of a course is available for download at

The Small Business Administration offers a variety of Internet marketing training courses presented as videos and podcasts. SBA courses are self-paced and can be studied at home or work. Presently, the SBA offers three free courses including: Strategic Marketing, Marketing 101, and Marketing for Small Business. offers a 6 week course focused on helping businesses develop their brand strategy. Participants receive a new lesson and assignment on a weekly basis and receive coaching from Laura Lake, an Guide since 2003.

Developing Your Brand Strategy helps companies define their brand, determine objectives, pinpoint the target audience, and explore and define brand barriers. Anyone uncertain of how to brand a business will find this Internet marketing training course a tremendous help. This course, along with several other marketing courses can be found at

Voices in Business provides the B2B Marketing Podcast blog that covers every marketing topic known to man. Business owners and marketing professionals can learn about the most effective advertising and PR strategies from industry experts such as Trevor Salomon, Senior Marketing Director of Symantec and Mike MacDonald, Corporate Senior Vice President and President of Marketing Operations for Xerox Corporation.

The Voices in Business marketing training courses are offered in podcast format and can easily be downloaded to computers and MP3 players from

Another unlikely place to locate Internet marketing training classes is This learning community is constantly updated by people who share their online marketing knowledge and resources to help others reach their advertising goals. WikiVersity covers hundreds of marketing topics ranging from SEO marketing to mobile marketing.

With enough determination and will power anyone can learn how to become a pro at marketing. For those who don't have the desire to acquire a marketing degree, Online Marketing DNA is here to help.

We offer private consultations to help businesses assess where they are and where they want to go. We provide step-by-step directions for those who want to have a hands-on experience, or full service marketing packages for those who prefer to outsource projects to an online marketing agency.

We invite you to review our services and encourage you to call us to setup a consultation. At Online Marketing DNA, we limit the number of clients we work with to ensure they receive the attention they deserve. We currently have a few slots available for serious business owners that are ready to take their company to a higher level