Online Business

By Pat Smith

Starting or expanding an online business requires careful planning, Internet marketing coaching, and a solid team that is well-trained in search engine optimization and online advertising strategies.

Operating an online business today is significantly different than just five years ago. The major search providers are constantly improving technology to locate websites that use unethical practices to obtain high rankings.

Search engines make money by providing good search results and selling advertisements. When people use trickery to force better results, visitors don't always get what they were looking for. If results aren't provided they head over to another search provider.

Just like you don't want to lose business to competitors neither do search engines. The big dogs have enough money to use advanced technology that provides a bigger picture of every website. They can dissect what is offered; how many websites link to it; and its popularity amongst the masses.

Instead of trying to trick search providers, a much better approach is learning how to work within the parameters. Search providers want optimized content that pertains to what is offered at the website. They want to see a high amount of quality inbound links from outside sources, as well as with internal linking.

The way to accomplish these tasks involves hiring a web designer experienced in search engine optimization, Web semantics, and WC3. Proper coding is vital for communicating with search engine robots and spiders. Anytime there are broken links, missing pages, or files and photos without identifying descriptions, websites will get buried in search results.

Websites are a virtual storefront and usually the foundation for most Internet marketing campaigns. They can be used for lead generation, selling products, providing online videos and podcasts, and social media marketing.

Websites are ideal for cross platform marketing because they are used as the home base. All advertising campaigns that occur outside the website can be linked back to the website to develop a solid foundation of link building partners.

Link building online is a vital method for boosting search rankings. This can be a painstaking process because it's important to acquire quality backlinks. Linking to unrelated websites or sites that use bad practices could cause harm, so it's vital to learn proper linking methods.

One option is to enroll in a marketing training course focused on link building strategies. Another is to outsource the project to an online marketing agency. Regardless if you choose to learn methods from a course or let an agency take care of the project it's vital to work with experts that can provide results.

Popular link building methods include article marketing, blogging, online videos, and social media marketing. Each can be time-consuming; especially during the learning curve process.

It's better to master one online marketing strategy at a time than dabble in a little of each. To boost search results requires building a solid foundation of strategies that are published on a consistent basis.

The simplest way to capitalize on a variety of strategies is to work with an online marketing agency. Although hiring professionals will cost more upfront, in the long run it will save time, money, and frustration.

Online Marketing DNA is a one-stop shop for Internet marketing. We provide website analysis to find out where you're at and what strategies are best suited for your needs and budget. We offer Internet marketing coaching to owners that want to lead the pack and outperform competitors.

Our most popular services include: search marketing, web design, lead generation, link building and local listings. We also provide competitive analysis, online video marketing, podcast marketing, mobile marketing, and social media marketing.

Our proven online business marketing system was developed for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporations that want to expand brand recognition, develop strong customer relations, and acquire top rankings for their market niche.

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