Link Building Online

By Pat Smith

Link building is the most single important ingredient for long term success of any website. Understanding the simple formula for link building can make a difference in ranking your content in the search engine results pages.

Link building and link optimization with proper keywords and link strategies play a significant part in the long term success of your website. You need to know what “keywords” and “when” to place them in your content and “how” often to use anchor text links and to “what pages” you will need to pass page rank to.

Online marketing is constantly changing but the true value that remains the same is link building. When building links you want good quality links from high ranking reputable site that pass link love over to you.

You can start by writing articles for your site and blog that point back to your main website. Writing articles from outside article directories and have the point back with your keyword and/or phrase as the anchor text link to your specific page will help boost that page in the SERP's.

Next you can use free blog services to post your content on and point those links back to your specific page with the keyword in your anchor text. This isn't rocket science. It is a simple, methodical way to succeed and build a sustainable business.

Now that you have the basic concept of link building you need to expand to podcasting and videos to build more links for the keywords and pages you want to rank in the search engines. Most of our new clients do all this wrong. We found one main ingredient that constant with every new client. That is they don't have a plan or blueprint to start their link building strategy.

Link Bait Strategies are among the best ways to generate top ranking links from quality websites. This is a more advanced strategy that works like gang busters if done right. This also can back fire if you don't know what you are doing and is better left to the pros ONLY.

Online Marketing DNA's approach to link building is simple, yet complicated. We believe that building consistent quality links gives the search engines what they want and provides you with long lasting traffic streams for building your business.

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Published on October 25, 2010

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