Cross Channel Marketing

By Pat Smith

Cross channel marketing is one of the most powerful strategies business owners can use to maximize their online presence. Utilizing a variety of ad platforms, companies can tap into a larger base of consumers and expand brand recognition.

Getting started with cross channel marketing can feel like a daunting task. One of the best approaches is to work with a marketing coach or enroll in training courses. It's important to become familiar with the different platforms to determine which is best suited for the company.

There are countless opportunities for cross promotion. Currently, the top three include Web marketing, mobile marketing, and social media marketing. Let's take a look at what each of these offers.

Web Marketing

Web marketing is a powerful strategy that entails developing company websites and blogs. These platforms are the place where businesses can showcase their products and services. Both can help companies develop subscriber lists for newsletters, special offers, and promotional events.

Having a quality website is essential for every company that wants to be found via the Internet. Furthermore, websites provide the platform for most other kinds of online advertising.

Information published on websites and blogs can be interconnected. This is a form of link building that can improve search indexing position. While there are multiple factors involved with obtaining top search positions, one of the most dominant is obtaining high quality inbound links.

Quality links can be acquired by interconnecting content, along with other cross channel promotions such as mobile marketing, podcasting, video marketing, article marketing, blog commenting, and guest blogging.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is rapidly moving to the forefront as one of the most powerful advertising strategies. Currently, about 80 percent of people who have a mobile device use it to access information via the Internet.

With that said, it is vital for companies to optimize their website so it can be viewed on cell phones, tablets, and iPads. Those who fail to do so will potentially lose out on sales simply because consumers are unable to view their website on their phone.

Mobile marketing is much more than sending out ads to subscribers. Companies can have customized apps developed, such as recipe finders or real estate listings. Mobile apps give owners the opportunity to get into consumers' pockets and purses and provide access to their company around the clock.

These days, having mobile apps is nearly as important as having a website. As consumers utilize mobile devices more and more, mobile marketing is the ideal way to stay abreast of the times.

Social Media Marketing

The opportunities of social media marketing are ever-growing. Nearly everyone is familiar with Facebook and Twitter, but there are countless options. A few of the more popular include Google+, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Multiply, and Twitter Vine.

One of the greatest benefits of social marketing is it gives owners countless opportunities to strengthen relationships with customers. However, owners must prepare a social marketing plan to ensure they fully capitalize on this venue. Social marketing can be very time-consuming, so having a plan in place will lessen the amount of time needed to stay abreast of daily activities.

The fact of the matter is it is impossible for any one person to handle every aspect of Internet marketing. Owners who want to maximize their online presence will need to either employ a marketing team or work with an experienced marketing agency, such as Online Marketing DNA.

OMDNA excels in helping business owners take advantage of cross platform marketing strategies. If you are serious about taking your company to new heights we encourage you to get in touch with us today to learn more about our services.

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Published on July 11, 2013

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