Creating a Bullet Proof Marketing Strategy

By Pat Smith

Creating a bullet proof marketing strategy is essential for every business owner. In order to attract and retain customers, companies must develop a plan that aligns with their demographic market. To accomplish this necessitates having an understanding of the company's unique selling proposition (USP).

Knowing what sets your company apart from others will aid in creating a bullet proof marketing strategy. Establishing the USP provides the starting point for all marketing endeavors. It helps identify the audience and the best ways to reach them.

For example, companies who market products and services to senior citizens would use different approaches than those who market to young adults. Older people prefer more traditional advertising such as direct mail and print catalogs, while the younger crowd is attracted to new methods such as mobile marketing and social media.

Today, business owners have countless ways to reach consumers. The Internet opens the door to a variety of digital advertising options including websites, blogs, electronic newsletters, online videos, podcasts, social media outlets, and local search.

Integrating every available strategy is an overwhelming feat that requires an experienced marketing team. No one is capable of tackling the task on their own. Those with limited budgets will have to develop a marketing strategy based on what they can afford, as well as what can realistically be accomplished.

Every business owner can benefit from having a website. It is believed that nearly 80 percent of all sales begin with consumers searching online. Companies who do not have an Internet presence often lose sales to competitors simply because they aren't online.

Another popular marketing strategy is blogging. Blogs are a great way to provide information to consumers and develop strong relationships. They are also an ideal link building tool which can help improve search engine positioning.

Link building is one of the more valuable marketing strategies because it helps search engines understand what the company offers. It should be an integral part of your online marketing plan.

There are many ways to go about link building. Some of the more popular include article marketing, blogging, local listings, online videos, and social marketing. Most people find it helpful to work with an SEO marketing company to develop linking strategies.

Another strategy that can benefit most companies is mobile marketing. Currently, about 47 percent of people use mobile devices to search the Internet. This amount is expected to reach 90 percent within the next two years.

Mobile marketing lets owners reach consumers via text messaging, photos, and videos. Furthermore, people can view company websites and blogs so it is important to optimize these properties for mobile viewing.

Social media marketing has taken the world by storm and is a necessary element for anyone with an Internet business. Few people fully grasp the power of social marketing. Those who take time to learn the ins and outs can take their company to new heights.

Social media encompasses venues such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, and MySpace. Owners can also make use of social videos with applications like Twitter Vine and YouTube.

Putting together a bullet proof marketing strategy requires careful planning and a good understanding of how each strategy works. At Online Marketing DNA we excel at helping business owners develop solid plans by integrating a variety of Internet marketing strategies.

We help owners identify their USP and determine which strategies will provide the greatest results. Our proven system interconnects each strategy to expand online presence and boost brand awareness.

Due to the intimate nature of our program, OMDNA limits the number of clients to ensure each receives our full attention. If you are ready to launch your company to a new level we encourage you to click here to get started.

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Published on December 12, 2013

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