Cross Platform Marketing

By Pat Smith

Cross platform marketing refers to making use of a variety of online marketing strategies to broaden market reach. Interconnecting digital ad campaigns lets consumers receive marketing messages in the method of their choice, whether it is in the form of an electronic newsletter, conducting online searches, or receiving ads on mobile devices.

To thrive online requires utilizing cross platform marketing. Companies can no longer afford to just have a website. Instead, they need to cross promote by tying in blogs, article content, online videos, podcasting, local search, photo sharing, consumer reviews, social media, webinars, and mobile marketing.

Getting started with Internet marketing can be an overwhelming task. Companies will need to employ a team of skilled marketing agents or outsource projects to an online marketing agency.

It's vital to gather team members and create a strategic marketing plan that demonstrates which online marketing strategies will be used and how they will be interconnected. Connecting strategies and tracking the return on investment requires careful planning to ensure maximum results.

Companies that enter into Internet marketing without a plan and performance tracking software will never achieve the results they desire. Anyone that ventures into this venue have to set aside adequate time and funds and make use of advanced technology to fully capitalize on the multitude of digital platforms.

Cross platform marketing can help companies dominate their niche and soar to the top of search engine ranking, as long as they have a solid online marketing plan in place. Few companies have the manpower or funds to engage in every strategy. Instead, they should decide which strategies will yield the highest return on investment and learn how to master those strategies first.

Any company that conducts business online will need to design a website. Websites are the primary platform for all types of online marketing strategies. It's recommended to work with professional Web designers that have are experienced with SEO marketing lead generation and can develop WC3 compliant websites that are mobile ready.

It's beneficial to integrate a blog within the website. While it isn't mandatory to develop a blog, this venue lets companies interact with consumers more easily and provides a friendly and relaxed environment that can be used to build consumer trust and confidence.

Blogs and websites can be promoted through all other types of cross platform marketing strategies. These platforms can be used to showcase online videos, podcasts, and articles, and to build customer lists.

Companies should consider developing a digital newsletter or provide some sort of giveaway to gather leads. Newsletters are one of the best online marketing strategies for enhancing brand awareness. However, content needs to be informative, entertaining, or useful to retain subscribers and give them reason to share the newsletter with others.

Social media marketing has taken the world by storm and is a powerful tool for any company engaged in Internet marketing. While many people think of Facebook and Twitter as the primary social marketing platforms, there are countless ways to engage in this venue.

Social media marketing requires companies to be 'social' with consumers. This can include creating Facebook fan pages and Twitter accounts, but also involves making use of blog commenting and consumer reviews.

One strategy for obtaining customer reviews is publishing company information at local listing directories. Local listings are online business directories that provide consumers with information about the company, along with driving directions and maps, and special offers.

Each of the major search engines has local listing directories, but there are also dozens of niche directories. Companies can purchase a Universal Business Listing (UBL) to have their information posted at the major directories, mobile phone directories, and yellow page directories, but will need to manually publish to the niche directories.

As you can see there are numerous considerations of Internet marketing. Most companies find it more profitable to hand over these tasks to an online marketing agency like Online Marketing DNA.

OMNDA offers all-inclusive Internet marketing packages for small business and entrepreneurs that want to dominate their niche. We make use of cross platform marketing to expand market reach and boost search engine placement. Our proven system can help you achieve and exceed your goals, but it's not for everyone.

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