Online Marketing Strategy

By Pat Smith

Online marketing strategy refers to action taken to generate sales or customer leads. Before implementing any marketing concept it is best to conduct thorough market research and have a solid understanding of how the strategy works, how to implement into your business model, and what results to expect. Otherwise, you're wasting your marketing dollars.

Deciding which online marketing strategy to use can be challenging. Thanks to modern technology, business owners can choose from a wide range of marketing mediums. Not so long ago, Internet marketers relied on websites to sell their goods. Today, they can incorporate a variety of online marketing strategies ranging from article marketing to video marketing and podcasting to mobile marketing.

Article marketing encompasses writing multiple articles on a chosen keyword. These articles are published on internet business websites or blogs, along with select article directories. Article marketing should be geared toward providing sufficient information to pique the reader's interest and entice them to visit your website to learn more about what you offer.

Mobile marketing has exploded in the past 2 years as more consumers utilize cell phones to access the Web. Mobile video advertising can be an affordable way to build your brand by offering ring tones, wallpapers, or mobile apps. This online marketing strategy can also help build a customer list or retain current customers.

Video marketing offers Internet business owners the opportunity to create buzz about new products or provide information in short- or long-formats. Millions of people turn to the Internet to watch movies every day. Business owners can easily tap into this market by developing creative videos that provide what consumers are looking for.

Podcast marketing is another easily-accessed market that offers a plethora of options. Business owners can create their own online radio station to broadcast interviews with industry experts, share tips about using their product, interact with their customers, or provide information about their company.

Each of these online marketing strategies lets business owners build relationships and trust with their customers. In today's economy, people are leery about handing over their hard-earned cash. Building relationships through marketing efforts is a necessity that business owners cannot afford to be lackadaisical about.

Operating a successful Internet business in today's marketplace requires companies to be transparent and easy to locate. If your marketing efforts aren't granting top search engine results, your business will suffer. If you aren't honest in business dealings it won't take long for word to spread.

Online marketing is the key to generating profits. Whether you start out with one online marketing strategy or engage in multiple strategies, you must be consistent in your efforts. Once you have one strategy in place, it's time to launch the next one.

If you don't have the time or knowledge to manage online marketing campaigns, consider working with an online marketing agency. Working with experts can reduce the time and frustration spent creating marketing campaigns.

Online Marketing DNA would be happy to assist you in building or expanding your Internet business. We work closely with our clients to ensure marketing efforts provide desired results and are in alignment with the overall needs of your company.

We encourage you to take time to review our products and services. Afterward, call or email us so we can help you determine which online marketing strategy is best suited for your needs.