Social Media Marketing Bellingham Washington

By Pat Smith

Social media marketing Bellingham Washington is an excellent way to reach the college population and connect with local activists, artists, restaurateurs, and small business owners. Social media is an affordable marketing strategy that can be embraced by any company regardless of size or sales revenue.

Social media marketing Bellingham Washington can be used to promote local companies in many ways. Whether offering luncheon specials to college campuses or discount coupons for car washes, social media lets businesses reach the masses at the speed of light.

Social media marketing is fun, cost-effective, and offers opportunity to interact with current and future customers in a way that's never been achievable before. It embraces a multitude of strategies such as podcasting, online videos, local listings, mobile marketing, and social outlets such as Twitter and Facebook.

In essence social marketing is about being social with customers. It requires companies to become transparent in business operations because their name will be populated around the globe. Yes, social marketing actually is powerful enough to get a business noticed on a global scale.

With that being said, it's vital to develop an online marketing plan and carefully lay out a blueprint. Social media has revolutionized the way business is conducted and is certain to continue expanding. Without a solid plan, business owners will find it difficult to reach their goals.

Due to the magnitude of social media, most companies find it beneficial to hire a social media marketing consultant. Social media is similar to playing chess. Players always need to keep the big picture in mind as they strategize each move. Those who learn how to master marketing 'chess' can reduce costs and minimize time required to develop ad campaigns.

Small business owners often find the task overwhelming due to time and budget constraints. This is where a marketing consultant can help. Not only can they assess current marketing plans, they can refer an online marketing agency that can take over advertising projects.

Bellingham based business owners are often surprised to discover social media marketing begins with a company website. This platform ties-in with most types of ad campaigns. It can be used to publish online videos, audio podcasts, e-newsletters, e-books, lead generation, link building online, and to promote Facebook business pages, Twitter accounts, and other social networking groups.

Entering into social media marketing is not an easy feat. Those who decide to go it alone should at least enroll in a marketing training course for each strategy they want to incorporate. Learning how to properly use each technique will save time, frustration, and money.

At Online Marketing DNA we specialize in social media marketing and can help Bellingham businesses launch to the next level. We understand the unique needs of this Northwest Washington market and can customize packages to suit the needs of small business to Fortune 500 companies.

A unique feature of OMDNA is we work closely with each client to ensure they achieve desired results. Due to this we are limited in the number of companies we can work with. We invite you to learn more about social media marketing Bellingham Washington, along with other available packages. Afterward, contact us to discuss your marketing goals. We look forward to talking with you.