Web Marketing – How Social Media Online Strategies Work

By Pat Smith

In recent years, web marketing has evolved into a sophisticated method that can be mind boggling. Not so long ago, companies engaged in Internet marketing via their company website. Today, they have expanded their arsenal to include blogs, videos, articles, and social media marketing.

The one consistent thing about web marketing is that things constantly change. To thrive in the online world requires a lot of planning and a lot of hard work. There is no magic bullet that will launch a company to the top.

Certainly, there are times when an ad campaign goes viral and sends a rush of traffic to a website. The only way to maintain that level of traffic is by implementing a variety of online marketing strategies that keep the company name in front of consumers.

The first step of web marketing is writing out a plan. Spend time brainstorming with the marketing team. Talk to other business owners that utilize Internet marketing. Join networking groups and find out what works for other businesses. Or, hire an online media marketing consultant to provide guidance and advice.

Websites are a vital element of web marketing. Companies with an established website need to evaluate its effectiveness. It can be helpful to obtain an evaluation from a web consulting firm.

Companies that don't have a website need to make a plan for getting one. The worst mistake any business can make is attempting to design a website if they have no knowledge or previous experience.

Internet marketing is extraordinarily competitive. If websites are unattractive and don't capture visitors attention immediately, those prospective customers are gone...forever. Instead, they'll hand over their money to competitors who took time to craft an appealing and informative website.

After websites are developed, it's time to move onto a blog. Blogs are popular because they provide a forum for interacting with customers and visitors. Blog content is indexed by search engines much faster than content published at websites. They provide the perfect venue for presenting advertising strategies, particularly online videos.

Online video marketing has exploded thanks to advances in technology. HD cameras can be purchased for less than $200 and most computers include built-in editing software. Creating quality videos has become a simple and affordable process that every business can use to their advantage.

Podcast marketing is another popular strategy. Podcasts can be used to deliver information about the business, specific products or services; to share interviews with industry experts; or even as a weekly Internet radio show. A great way to get inspired is to visit podcast directories such as iPod and Podcast Alley and listen in to podcasts on topics related to your business.

Social media marketing has practically become mandatory for any business that wants to expand their online visibility. To succeed in this venue demands spending a lot of time building relationships.

Social networking sites make it easy for people to find businesses that offer products, services, and information they are interested in. However, these networks make it even easier to delete, un-friend, and un-follow.

There is no doubt people are in information overload. Companies that abuse social marketing will quickly discover fans are leaving in mass exodus. It's best to work with a social media marketing consultant and learn the rules.

These are just a few ways to participate in web marketing. If you're overwhelmed with the thought of integrating these concepts or confused about how to start, Online Marketing DNA can help.

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